Tsavorite Ear Piercing Stud - BMG Body Jewellery
Tsavorite Ear Piercing Stud - BMG Body Jewellery
Tsavorite Ear Piercing Stud - BMG Body Jewellery

Tsavorite Ear Piercing Stud

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Tsavorite Ear Piercing Stud. Adorn your tragus, helix, top ear or ear lobe piercing with this brilliant, green ear piercing stud.

This ornately designed ear piercing stud is made using this bright hued Tsavorite that is sourced directly from its origins of Tsavo National Park in Tanzania, where it was primarily discovered.

And if you are spending your hard-earned money on something as rare and beautiful as this Tsavorite ear piercing stud, there of course, arises the need of getting it personalised completely. And that’s what we do here, at BMG. Delivering to you just the right fit of jewellery is our utmost and the only motto.

Choose the base metal of this ear piercing stud from 14ct white gold, 18ct yellow/rose gold along with platinum. And if you are worried whether what you ordered would fit you well or not, then you are vexed in vain. We offer our customers the option to customize gauge size, length of the shaft along with something as important as ball threading (internally or externally placed). And when you are confident enough about the size and fit, you can go ahead with the choice of metal which would be moulded to encompass within it this ravishing Tsavorite gemstone.

In harmony with nature, this Tsavorite ear piercing stud exhibits its sheen in bright green colour which is so soothing to look at. Known world-wide as a symbol of prosperity, it has the power to uplift your mood and sooth your senses.


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