Plain Top Ear Piercing Stud - BMG Body Jewellery
Plain Top Ear Piercing Stud - BMG Body Jewellery
Plain Top Ear Piercing Stud - BMG Body Jewellery

Plain Top Ear Piercing Stud

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Plain Top Ear Piercing Stud. This top ear piercing stud is a simple, classic piece of ear jewellery that will suit every occasion and be discreet.

So, who said that only pricey gemstones can sparkle up your mood? To break this myth of yours, we present to you the plain top ear piercing stud which is built keeping the notion of beauty-in- simplicity, in mind.

Be it a precious stone studded piece of jewellery or a plain ball ornament as this one, right fit and size is something which just cannot be ignored. And for this, we bring to you the option to personalise every part of your top ear piercing stud starting from gauge size of 1.2mm/1.6mm, length of the shaft ranging from 4mm to 12 mm and going all the way to opting for the right metal from our wide variety which includes 14ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold and platinum, whichever suits your skin and your own personal style. Even the front ball size can also be customized. And to provide you with that perfectly secure top ear piercing stud , there is a provision of both internal threading as well as the external one too.

This top ear piercing stud, in spite of being quite simple, offers the wearer with stunning looks, without making a spectacle out of it. It has a shiny mirror finish and looks pretty nice when paired with casual attire and also has the calibre to compliment that sophisticated minimal style of yours.

So don this top ear piercing stud and step in style, all the while!


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