Oval Belly Bar with Blue Topaz - BMG Body Jewellery
Oval Belly Bar with Blue Topaz - BMG Body Jewellery
Oval Belly Bar with Blue Topaz - BMG Body Jewellery

Oval Belly Bar with Blue Topaz

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Oval Belly Bar with Blue Topaz. The bright blue topaz stones beautifully complement the golds they are set in - choose from a matching or plain top ball.

Topaz is extensively used in making beautiful, precious as well as fashion forward jewellery. It is found in the mountains of United States, Russia, Sri Lanka, Germany and many other countries. From the ancient times, topaz is associated with the Sun God, it has been believed that topaz is a very powerful stone and can maximize the strength of the wearer. Even though, topaz comes in various shades, every shade has its own beliefs and theories. Blue topaz is the birthstone for December and is used to commemorate the 4th wedding anniversary.

Beautifully designed by using blue topaz gemstones, this belly button jewellery can decorate your belly button piercing in a trendy way and make it look more beautiful, than ever before. The gold metal used in this belly button jewellery can be of different ranges such as 14ct Yellow Gold, 14ct White Gold, 18ct Rose Gold, & Platinum. The whole length of the belly button jewellery is available within the range of 4mm to 12mm, giving you the choice to get the perfect size for your belly.

This trendy and stylish oval shaped belly button jewellery will make you look attractive and bold. Pair it up with both casual and party wear dresses and leave an impression on your peers.


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