Heart Nipple Piercing Stud - BMG Body Jewellery
Heart Nipple Piercing Stud - BMG Body Jewellery

Heart Nipple Piercing Stud

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Heart Nipple Piercing Stud is a really beautiful and pretty nipple piercing stud that will give a soft feminine feel to your nipple piercing.

The heart design at the ends of this nipple piercing stud gives it a sensuous touch that can make you go gaga over it. Simple in looks yet stylish in its attempt to transform your looks, this nipple piercing stud is something you would definitely want to go for.

Really comfortable and safe to wear, this nipple piercing stud will give the wearer a sense of safety and will make sure that what they are wearing is completely safe. The simple design makes sure that you don’t get confused with its way of wearing. It is very easy to wear and remove.

The heart nipple piercing stud is flexible and easy to move along with your movements, so you don’t really have to struggle and suffer any kind of pain or discomfort. Available at an extremely affordable price, this heart gold nipple piercing stud features two heart shaped designs at each end as they are laser cut out of the metal.

This lovely nipple piercing stud is available in a variety of metal options to choose from like 14ct yellow gold, 14ct white gold and 18ct yellow gold. The length varies from 8mm to 20mm so you can select the most comfortable one as per your requirement.


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