Gold Tongue Bar with Moonstone Gemstone - BMG Body Jewellery
Gold Tongue Bar with Moonstone Gemstone - BMG Body Jewellery

Gold Tongue Bar with Moonstone Gemstone

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Gold Tongue Bar with Moonstone Gemstone. Choose from white or yellow gold for your gemstone tongue bar to perfectly accentuate the moonstone gemstone.

This moonstone tongue bar has a completely trendy and edgy look these days which is not very commonly found. But tongue piercings are now becoming a new fashion trend that have given the body piercing an altogether a new twist that is surely to grab every eyeball.

Currently trending, tongue piercings are setting up new standards and look super cool. However, there has to be a lot of attention paid to it to ensure that you don’t catch any kind of infection as the tongue is a very sensitive part of our body and is one of our main sense organs.

This gold tongue bar will add style and glamour to your tongue piercing. Special caution is taken to ensure that it does not cause any kind of irritation to the roof of your mouth. We at BMG ensure that our gold tongue bars is extremely safe to use and does not cause any kind of infection.

There are two balls at the ends of this gold tongue bar, out of which one is set with a moonstone gemstone. The ball size can be varied as per your requirement while the shaft length can vary from 9mm to 20mm. It comes in a variety of metal options to choose from like 14ct white gold and 14ct yellow gold.


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