Amethyst BCR with 4mm Ball
Amethyst BCR with 4mm Ball

Amethyst BCR with 4mm Ball

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Amethyst BCR with 4mm Ball. The ball closure ring is studded with a stunning purple amethyst and comes in yellow or white gold.

Amethyst is one of the most beautiful stones to be found. It is the violet variety of quartz. The mineral content and the chemical composition of amethyst determine the hue that it exhibits. Amethysts vary from purplish pink to deep violet tones. They were first found in Africa and then in various parts of Sri Lanka, Brazil and Siberia. Amethysts have a very deep and rich cultural and historic background. They were used firstly by the Egyptian royal families and pharaohs and then a lot has been spoken about the same by Greek historians as well. It was previously used to control intoxication and since then has been used as a stone that controls temptations and provides mental peace and restoration.

In this beautiful BCR crafted out of yellow/white gold, the stone that has been used is a pure purple amethyst. This ball closure ring features a ring that has a ball designed in the middle with a beautiful round amethyst studded on it. A choice has been given in the metal on which the stone can be studded. They are 14ct yellow gold and 14ct white gold. The gauge is 1.2mm and 1.6mm, the size of the BCR ranges from 8mm to 16mm and comes with a ball closure.

This piece is especially designed by professionals and handcrafted to perfection. Adorn it to add an all new sparkle to your personality.


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