3mm Grape Garnet Nose Stud
3mm Grape Garnet Nose Stud
3mm Grape Garnet Nose Stud
3mm Grape Garnet Nose Stud

3mm Grape Garnet Nose Stud

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Worlds NEWEST Gemstone

Grape Garnet - Otherwise called "Gaganite" -  the world's newest gemstone from BMG Jewellery - discovered in 2016.

In early 2016 two Mozambique mines were discovered producing this sparkling garnet in the Cantandica region which is predominantly a coal-mining region. The Tetre mine and Padagaga mine new gemstones have the same luscious colour. 

The Padagaga mine is where we purchase our material being the top 10% of production making it the best stones coming from this mine.

Read the FULL ARTICLE from our blog HERE 

The stones are 100% un-treated meaning they are natural without the normal heat or radiation treatments used for most gemstones.

The stone itself is a stunning purple. The refraction index is 1.77 – 1.88 meaning it has a better sparkle than a high-quality Sapphire. 

grape garnet

Each nose stud is carefully handmade by one of our expert goldsmiths. Your nose jewellery will be made to your specifications, making this a very personal service.

This ensures the perfect fit for you and is truly worth the wait. 

A BMG Nose Stud is very special as it is made to sit into the piercing and not on it, meaning it sits flush to the nose. We pride ourselves in offering the very best in quality, fit and value. 

Prices vary depending on the choice of metal.   


All of our jewellery items are hand made by our on site goldsmiths. Orders take on average 7 to 14 working days to complete. This is because we don't want to rush your orders and in so doing, possibly compromise the quality - however we aim to complete orders as quickly as possible. During busy periods delivery may take longer.

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