Daith Ring with 4mm Emerald Gemstone
Daith Ring with 4mm Emerald Gemstone
Daith Ring with 4mm Emerald Gemstone
Daith Ring with 4mm Emerald Gemstone

Daith Ring with 4mm Emerald Gemstone

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3.5mm Emerald Daith Piercing Ring. Emerald gemstones are known to bring prosperity and wealth and are perfect for your daith piercing ring.

Emeralds are one of the most beautiful naturally occurring gemstones. They possess a vitreous lustre and were first found in Africa and are most extensively mined in the ‘Cleopatra mine’ in Egypt. Emeralds are also found in Columbia, Russia, Africa, Zimbabwe and India. They belong to the beryl family and exhibit colours that range from yellowish green to deep green depending upon the chromium levels in each of the stones. They are known to bring wealth and prosperity in the life of the wearer.

Medically speaking, emerald is said to lower blood pressure levels, control heart rate and is great is great for increasing concentration levels. It is also known to strengthen heart, liver and kidneys.

This beautiful dath piercing ring features a beautiful emerald set on the ball piece of a ball closure ring. The emerald used in the daith piercing ring is made out of naturally occurring, genuine emeralds in a size of 3.5mm. The metal used to craft this daith piercing ring comes in a range of choice between white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. The size of the ring varies from 10mm to 14mm. The gauge also can be decided according to your specifications between 1.2mm to 16mm and 1.6mm to 14mm.

This emerald daith piercing ring is crafted only by the professionals who expertise in making this style jewellery. This means that each gemstone daith piercing ring can be personalized according to your specifications and will be exquisite in its own way. Wear them to any occasion with confidence and charm everyone with the beauty it adds to your personality.


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