Matching Wedding Rings

 These truly unique wedding rings were made in 18ct white gold, decorated with hammer effect 18ct Yellow Gold.

As beautiful as they are unique...


Beth & Graham got married using these rings in a cave near Lands End.

Local to their home town Wadebridge there is a stone circle called the nine maidens 

The circle is of great importance to Beth & Graham who run a Crystal and Gemstone shop in Wadebridge called Rainbow Spirit 




On a website we found a clear picture of each of the stones laid out in order.


It did not take Gemma who at the time was working for BMG jewellery, to make the images into negatives for the work required.

Each ring was carefully sized and the negatives laid out into strips - each to fit perfectly around each band. Another strip with the stones closed up was made to lay ontop of a sheet of yellow gold so they can be accurately cut out.


Once done the stones are cut from a sheet of yellow gold using great skill to retain the exact shape of each stone.

Here are the shapes - ready to solder onto the rings.

The longer strips are glued on around the bands.

Here is a strip in place waiting for the stones to be assembled.

Once on they are soldered and roughed up to look like stones.


Finished bands ready to go.