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The Green Garnet. Discovered by Campbell R Bridges in 1967

Geologist Campbell Bridges was working for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority in Zimbabwe, as part of a program to assess the beryl reserves of the country, He found that the rock types forming the upper part of a nearby range of hills were of a very different chemical composition.

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A gemological examination revealed that what he had discovered was green grossularite, a mineral from the gemstone group of the garnets. The colour was deep and full of fire quite extraordinary with a good transparency. Tiffany who had helped with the launch of Tanzanite where asked by Campbell to look at and consider the stone.

Press release in the Financial Times 2013


Tsavorite has become a very desirable gemstone

The vivid green is radiant with a colour range from a springlike light green, an intense blue-green and a deep forest green all these colours stimulate our senses. The stone has a high refractive index this the measure of the bending of a ray of light when passing from one medium into another. This is what gives the stone its brilliance. Like all stones the quality will vary with the rock it is cut from. The higher end stones will end up fetching much more than the lesser quality stones. BMG Jewellery source stones from top UK specialist dealers.

Naming a gemstone has certain rules, modern mineralogical methods suggest gemstones should end in "ite" and since the stone's discovery in the Tsavo National Park with the Tsavo river running through, the former president of Tiffany & Co Henry Platt proposed the name Tsavorite. This was the same man who had named Tanzanite which was discovered in 1967 not very far away in Tanzania.

The Tsavo National park has an abundance of wildlife and mining the stone can be dangerous due to the odd lion in the area and the several species of dangerous snakes.

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In 2009 Campbell was killed by a gang of assailants armed with arrows, spears and machetes over an apparent dispute about mining rights.

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In my opinion this stone is one of the most fascinating and honest gemstones that exist.

Article by Richard Soper

CEO BMG Jewellery