Remembrance Jewellery Specialists

Remembrance or ashes Jewellery Specialists.

Made with your loved ones ashes or even hair, considerately merged into a coloured or clear enamel of your choice, personally by myself being in direct communication with you and or your family. 

This does not have to be expensive, it needs to be affordable and appropriate for all parties involved. These days with Covid19 restrictions we can communicate using any of these ways: Facetime, Sykpe, WhatsApp, Zoom or email, messenger or telephone. It does not even matter where you are.

Over the years I have become quite adapt to dealing with ashes remembrance jewellery, this came about by passion and the enjoyment of helping those in need. 

"Let me know what's in your head? - allow me to touch your heart xx"

Through further recommendation I find myself getting involved with many similar projects now.

Getting involved and dealing with you direct myself, enables me to give you a truly personal service. I often even film the "putting in the ashes" to capture memory forever. You are also welcome to watch this part of the process in person or by video link (covid restriction permitted of course)

Above: Here I have taken a section out of the back of a wedding band and laid a clear enamel with visual ashes and matched this with a melt and make from Mums bracelet to make the pendant. 
Above a simple heart pendant laid with ashes in bright blue enamel using mums wedding band for the metal. 
The ashes of a young man who I knew personally, I put these into in this cross as a present from his mother to her husband, putting Jesse closer to his heart. Making crosses is something I have a natural aura for. Having being personally chosen by not one, but two female Bishops to make their ceremonial pectoral crosses and ring. The Bishop of Horsham and the Bishop of Warrington Click here for details 
Six little Buddhas for customer Richard, who's Buddha loving Mum left a small amount of gold to him. Not being enough to make all of these from gold, I made a casting piece from silver, cast 5 more and gold plated them. I then inserted the 12 grams of 9ct gold equally into a cavity in the base of each. Richard distributed them amongst his family in the knowing they are made "using mums gold". 
An imprint of this baby's foot with his ashes embed inside a clear resin, set as a labret stud to be worn s an ear ring. 
Dog complete with dog paw engraved pendant coin, ashes in the top and hair in the pad for a customer and friend using clear resin in silver. 
In short, whatever your needs I can help. Then we can discuss and come up with some ideas for you to consider, you may know already what you want.
I do need what's in your head to allow me to touch your heart so act now, allow yourself to grieve. 
Please contact me at BMG Jewellery by telephone on 01444 871369, or email me here.