PA Ring Information

Prince Albert Rings or PA Rings Custom Made To Order.

BMG Jewellery specialise in large gauge gold PA Rings, large gauge platinum Prince Albert rings and variations of using rose gold or white gold. 

Male genital jewellery is as popular as ever and we can make these hollow, solid or shaped. You can even have a rattle put inside like Stan did a few months ago. 

Here is his review from the USA

This is my second time engaged BMG for customized body jewelry. BMG created this one-of-a-kind body jewelry to my specification of 2 gauge 18k gold with Rattle balls inside and ocean blue sapphire along the post. Throughout the process, they kept me informed every step of the way; they showed me the CAD drawings, mailed me a 3d print of the finished product, and even a skype session to show me what the final product looks like. 
Thanks to Richard, Barney, and the entire team at BMG, the final product is BEYOND AMAZING. I could not be happier working with BMG and will definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality body jewelry

This is the product



3D printed before making - print sent in the post

   Most of the Male genital jewellery we make is custom made to order. We make anything from basic to the outrageous. If you feel you or your partner is worth it have a browse at the custom made galleries and the basic pieces below. 

There are few small gauge products below set with diamonds however the price of gold and platinum goes up and down.

Please copy and paste the following information into the email message section for your up-to-date quote.


PA Rings:

Gauge (thickness) 

Internal diameter (distance inside ring at widest point)

Metal required You can just underline below or delete:

9ct Yellow Gold - 9ct White gold - 9ct Red (Rose) Gold - 14ct yellow gold

14ct white gold - 18ct yellow gold - 18ct white gold - 18ct Red (Rose) gold

950 Platinum (heaviest and most expensive)


Size of ball required if any (inches or mm is fine) 

Style of Ring - Underline style required on email


BCR - Ball closure ring


 CBR - Captive bead ring (same as above)

Screw In Ball Ring

Smooth Segment Ring or 2 Piece Segment Ring

 Circular Barbell (2 balls)

Also state any gemstones required or modifications. We can make these hollow or solid - generally we will quote the most economical way but you can specify.

For bars we need the same info - Ball size - shaft length (not including balls) - Gauge - Metal (see above) - gemstones and any further info such as curved.

  For Your Quote


 Each piece is highly polished - we only quote top quality gemstones or diamonds unless stated. We will let you know the quality. 

We may send you a 3D print before making. Each piece is hallmarked at the worlds first Assay office here in the UK Goldsmiths Hall 

Each piece carries the BMG Mark