Nose Cuff Size Guide

Selecting your nose cuff size is easy:

 1) Select your Gauge

This is the thickness of the wire that goes into your nose. 

Most nose studs purchased from piercing shops are 0.8mm or 1mm, the thinner wires sold in market stalls or multi-product sellers like Argos or Ebay don't really work with this piece and are not recommended for any nose jewellery. 

2) Select your length

This is the length of your shaft. 6mm is standard for most people. This is the piece that goes through the nose before the bend on the end of the post. If you have purchased a nose stud from BMG Jewellery previously, this will be the same. If you don't have a record please email us as we can forward this detail to you.

3) Size

This is the size of your ring. The measurement from the nose piercing hole to the base of your nose.


The options are made easy as follows:

Small 6/7mm                 Approx 1/4 inch USA

Medium 7/8mm             Approx 5/16 inch USA

Large 8/9mm                Approx 11/32 inch USA

Very Large 9/10mm      Approx 3/8 inch USA

4) Left or Right nostril 

The L shaped tail on the nose cuff travels out away from the tip of the nose making it more comfortable - If you want another fixing other than the standard L shaped tail please email us with your detail.


See here how to fit and remove a BMG Nose Cuff