Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery Repair Price List

Please note all repairs are done in-house so nothing leaves our workshops. We do not use a trade jewellery service as we are a trade jewellery service.

Please call in to the workshops or contact us for a quote


Bracelet Repairs from                                             £20.00
Claws to Setting from                                             £10.00

Diamonds Setting from                                           £20.00 

Gilding Rope Chains & Repairing                            £8.00

Hinges to Gold Bangles from                                 £12.00
Joints to Gold broaches                                         £24.00
New 18ct shanks from                                           £80.00
New 9ct Shanks from                                            £50.00
Piece in any 9ct ring from                                      £40.00
Piece in any Silver from                                         £24.00

Melt & Make                                                           POA

Repair Bangle Gold                                                £12.00
Reset Gemstone from                                            £10.00
Ring Repair from                                                    £15.00

Safety Catches Gold to broaches from                 £16.00

Safety Catches Metal to Broaches                        £15.70

Safety Chains to Gold Broaches                           £30.00
Safety Chains to Silver Broaches                          £14.00

Silver Shanks  from                                               £20.00

Size any ring from                                                 £25.00

Solder Chains from                                                £ 8.00

Solder Jump Rings From                                       £ 8.00
Stones Supplied & Cut from                                  £20.00 
Stones Supplied & Set from                                   £27.00
Supply & Solder Jump Rings in Gold From           £12.00
Supply & Solder Jump Rings in Silver From         £  8.00
Supply Gold Bolt Rings                                         £10.00
Supply Silver Bolt Rings                                       £  6.00