Jewellery Care

Caring for Your Jewellery

14 or 18ct Gold jewellery will act differently to any gold you may wear as finger rings etc. This grade of gold is a natural substance that will react with your body in different ways. The oils and sweat from your body may over a period of time discolour the section of the bar inside the piercing, making it appear darker or black. The dark colour is just tarnish and can be easily cleaned off with a gold cleaner or a non-abrasive pencil rubber or a non-abrasive nail buffer - not a file.

Remove the jewellery from the piercing before using a gold cleaner and fully rinse out all traces of the cleaner before replacing. If you are unsure about removing the jewellery yourself follow the simple instructions below or get your piercer to do this for you. Swimming in chlorinated water will weaken the gold so protect the jewellery by smearing it with Vaseline, unless your pierce is new.

Removing Your Jewellery

If your piercing is unsettled or under 10 weeks old, do not attempt to change it yourself.

To remove a banana/belly bar:

Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap. Tightly hold the large bottom ball inside the navel. Turn the small ball at the top anticlockwise with your other hand, to remove the ball. You may find that wearing rubber gloves will help. Clean any dried matter off the tapped end before gently pulling is through the piercing.

To remove a ball closure ring:

With a ring push the ball out of the centre with your thumb whilst holding the ring tightly with both hands. If this proves difficult refrain from trying and get a professional piercer to show you how to do it. Rings can be very tight and sometimes it is difficult to remove them. A piercer uses a special tool, pliers which work in reverse, when the handles are squeezed the ends come outwards against the inside of the ring opening it up. These can be purchased from automobile and tool shops. Often they are called circlip pliers.

Replacing Your Jewellery

Wash your jewellery first with liquid antibacterial soap or a mild disinfectant. Then clean hot salty water (sea salt only), before thoroughly rinsing. Remove the small ball and smear some KY Gel or antiseptic cream on to the threaded end. This is just a lubricant for changing jewellery; it should not be used at any other time. Gently push the bar or ring through the piercing from the inside of the navel. Once the metal appears at the other end screw the ball tightly, or with a ring line up the indents of the ball with the ends of the ring and push into place. If you have problems changing your jewellery, do not disrupt your piercing get a piercer to help. Remember your piercing will begin to close very quickly if the jewellery is removed.