It is unusual for any manufacturer of body jewellery to offer you a guarantee. We are so proud of our quality and workmanship that all BMG products carry lifetime guarantee.

  • We guarantee that the product is as we describe i.e.. 14ct nickel free gold means just that.
  • We guarantee that the gemstone is a genuine mined and cut stone as described in your letter of authenticity.
  • We guarantee your product for a lifetime taking into account normal wear and tear.
  • We guarantee to replace, repair or refund at our discretion goods should they prove faulty.

    In the rare event of making a claim you will require your receipt, invoice number and letter of guarantee. Contact us stating the nature of your complaint and we will issue you with details for return and inspection of the goods. Please be aware that as we are dealing with implantation jewellery, strict hygiene regulations prevent us from changing jewellery for items you have ordered the wrong size etc. Although you can return tapped ended products for shortening, we cannot make them longer without re-making them.

    Items are sterilized and sent in a tamper proof view bag so you can have a good look at the workmanship and gemstone quality before you open it and complete the sale.

    Should the tamper bag be broken or torn we cannot refund or exchange the goods without a valid complaint. Please remember we do this for your protection.

    Please note that if you have our product altered in any way without BMG doing the work the guarantee becomes invalid.