Ear Piercing Placement

Ear Piercing Placement. See below for more information on what jewellery suits the various type of ear piercings.
Ear pins are a straight barbell with a diamond/gemstone head with a 4mm ball at the back of the earring.
They can be either externally threaded where the back of the earring has a thread and the ball screws onto this - meaning the gemstone head is fixed. Or internally threaded where the bar of the ear pin is a thin tube and the diamond head has a screw on it which screws into this tube.
Suitable ear piercings for an ear pin are - Conch, Tragus, Helix, Forward Helix, and Ear Lobes.
Labret Studs are a straight, internally threaded bar with a flat disc on the back. The diamond or gemstone head for the jewellery screws into the tube labret base.
Suitable piercings for a labret stud are: Tragus, Ear Lobe, Conch and Helix piercings.
For piercings such as Daith, Rook and Industrial piercings there are specific styles of jewellery that will sit in these piercings better.