The migraine piercing.

Migraine piercing

Hi my name is Richard Soper and I appear to be becoming a bit of an expert on this piercing. I am a daith piercing researcher and have been doing this piercing since 1998. I change £65 UK pounds and this will take between 45 - 60 mins in total. The cost is expensive for this piercing however you will benefit from advice, dealing with your migraine and the piercing.

First please join my Facebook group Daith Piercing for Migraine 

On 21 Jan 2017 I posted a live survey online and promoted this on Facebook using the term migraine piercing to search people feeds and send them the link. 

Please see the survey - do it if you have the piercing - Click here for the survey results live as it builds 

As you can see this is quite astonishing and still being ignored by many of the worlds migraine experts.

You can book in for the piercing during the week. I do not do this on a Saturday as we do not have time for the consultation with a busy piercing studio.

After consultation a decision on how the piercing will be done, which side or both. 

During the consultation you will be asked about type of pain, where it is, how long have you had this and your medication. Your information is kept on a spreadsheet and maybe used by migraine specialists however I will not them have your personal details without your consent.

Please have a look at some links below which either positively or negatively bring this to light.

Please note my goal is to find out the truth and the facts only and share them with others. Help you discover what is causing the migraines in the first place and advise you on long term help with posture and lifestyle changes which may help compliment the piercing's positive effects. Approx 88% of people will benefit from the piercing if not cure the migraines all together. With the additional advise the remaining 12% will benefit from this and get a greater understanding of how small changes can help.

This is much more than just a piercing, it is a migraine advice with piercing.



Richard Soper

Please call me on 01444 871369 to discuss prior appointment if required.

CEO BMG Jewellery and Owner of the Real Piercing & Tattoo studio


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