Prince Albert Rings Custom Made

 Prince Albert Rings Custom Made


Treat yourself to something different and very special indeed. A PA Ring custom made for you. 

As custom made body jewellery experts we have been specializing in this market for many years, with customers from all over the world coming back time and time again to add to their collection. 

These days most of the work is done using CAD design. This way we can get the weights for the specific metals to estimate accurately the time and cost. On average a PA ring will take 5/6 weeks to complete from placing the order, most go to the USA and Canada using FedEx. 

So lets us run you through how we do it and give you some ideas for your own design. 

Custom brief: Screw in ball ring as heavy as possible but wants it to be made from 18ct yellow gold on a budget. The whole piece was designed hollow and another piece made in silver to fill the void and give it some weight.


What we need to know it the style of ring 

Below is a clip in ball ring know as a BCR this one had 3 diamonds on each shoulder and a diamond on the ball. 

 We need:


Internal diameter,

Metal required, 9ct gold, 14ct gold, 18ct gold, Yellow, White of Rose or Platinum (most popular)

Style of ring , Screw in ball Ring, 

Circular Barbell


Curved Bar

Monster Ring (2 Part Screw together),


 Segment,  (screw in segment shown here)