Children's Ear Piercing

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Real is perhaps the most popular place to come in Sussex to have your Child's ears pierced.

Owner Richard Soper has been piercing since 1997 and before this his Farther David Soper had been piercing Children's ears from Park Road Surgery since 1960. Often we have customers whose ear piercings have been done by the Soper family for several generations.

These days it is a very straight forward process at Real Piercing. The studio is clinical and comfortable. A freeze spray is used to take the pain away. 

The system we use is a pre-sterilised sealed unit containing the earrings. These will be made from solid Gold, White Gold, Titanium or High Grade Surgical Steel.

Jenny Kerr (Piercer) does most of the Children at the moment. She had a delightful manner and is very popular with the customers especially the children. We have nicknamed her "Gentle Jenny" she is fully trained having done a 1 year apprenticeship in piercing and will ensure a professional and understanding service no matter how nervous your child maybe.  

Many hairdressers and jewellers offer this service so why choose Real. The training for ear piercing consists of a 2 hour run-through by a manufacturer of the ear studs. So this industry is notorious for inexperienced young hairdressers  shooting through studs with just 2 hours training. They may not even have any knowledge of possible problems or the materials they are using. 

Real have many years of experience and will ensure the piercing is done properly with the correct advise and after-care follow up if required. 

What happens next: Please call 01444 871369 - you can ask any questions in advance or pop in to see the studio and talk to Richard or Jenny. You will need to make the appointment for any weekday or you can just turn up on a Saturday between 10.30am and 4pm.

Once you come in on the day there is a form to fill in and sign, you or your child can choose the jewellery from a good selection of studs.

Once the studio is ready we will call you and your child through. The ears will be cleaned and marked so you can see where the piecing will be done. If you are not happy just say so as we can change the marking to suit your ideas of the best place. Once marked we normally spray a tiny amount of the freeze onto your child's hand so they can feel it first. The piercing is not a gun but a pressure system, this ensures the piercing is done using the pressure of Jenny's or Richards hand - not by relying on a gun trigger.

Really most children will be smiling all the way through and wont feel much at all, however there is always the very nervous ones, nothing is hurried and you are welcome to hold the opposite hand from the ear that is being pierced.

When done we will explain how to look after the piercing - cleaning on a daily basis. What to do if the ears need taping for games lessons at school. A cleaning solution (sterile saline) is supplied with all stud piercings free of charge.

Most important - Please ensure your child will be able to avoid swimming for one week. 

Any question please call 01444 871369 

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