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History of the Business:

BMG Jewellery was established in 1989 by Richard Soper as an on-line shop specialising in high end body jewellery. This part of the business still exists today selling to a worldwide market. In those days the UK was not buying on-line so the business established itself as a .com selling mainly to a USA client base. 

These days it is a whole different story as BMG Jewellery now has a different focus which is creating custom made pieces for local and UK clients. 

The Team

The team now has 9 members of staff and works out of an office setup on the London Road in Burgess Hill. 

Experienced jeweller Barnaby King heads up the goldsmithing team. Having completed an art foundation course at City & Hove collage in Brighton, Barnaby went to Camberwell Collage of arts to complete his BA Honers in goldsmithing.  

From here he has worked locally for David Smith in Lewes and John Harrington in Brighton before moving over to BMG Jewellery in March 2010. 

These days BMG is a buzzing workshop which has state of the art technology with a forward thinking workforce dedicated to making high end jewellery whilst at the same time bringing down costs for customers.

Latest investments:

In Jan 2016 we invested in 3D or CAD-CAM design. The reason for this is obvious one seen. It enables us to produce a complicated piece of jewellery in a couple of hours using a computer and high resolution 3D printer. Very few Jewellers are doing this and Jewellery is one of the last industries to wake up to the world of modern technology. At present we output to either a solidscape wax printer or the ember resin printer depending on the job. Quite often both methods are used on a single job.

A Case Study of 3D:

For example this particular job has saved the customer around half of the cost of making this ring. The reason for this is straight forward. To make this ring by hand with the fret work involved in carving the patter

Jewellers have been slow in the uptake to take on new technology. However when this can save a customer up to 90% of the labour cost of making a piece by hand it is incredible that many still sit back and rely on old the old methods.

At the BMG Jewellery there is a whole different set-up. Screens now accompany the normal jewellers benches with on-screen design in 3D. Customers can see the piece complete with all stones set on a screen as a 3D image.

 Stage 1 - pencil sketch

Stage 2 - Cad design on screen

Stage 3 Resin Print


Stage 4 Finished Ring



You can have the 3D image on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer using a 3D pdf file. Once approved a 3D resin print is printed using the latest liquid filled USA made high resolution 3D printer. You can try this on for size shape and style, once approval the file is sent for output in the precious metal of choice and comes back ready to set the gemstones and within just a few days the job is complete.

All in all it speeds up the production process cuts down costs and gives you a perfectly finished piece of jewellery for a lot less money than making it by hand.

Of course there are still many jobs that required the skilled hand of an expert craftsman such as melting down sentimental gold and re-mastering it to fit our modern lifestyles and tastes. “Retaining the bench work for repairs and hand making is still essential for both our local loyal customers and eCommerce business” says owner Richard Soper.

At BMG Jewellery it is the skilled craftsmen that now work the computers and still maintain their years of working knowledge when constructing a piece of fine jewellery on screen.

You can contact BMG on 01444 871369 to discuss a project or just for a demonstration of what we do

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Repairs Price List

Custom Wedding band made June 2016


 Oct 2016


Made on CAD Sept 2016

Crossover Diamond Eternity Ring from BMG Jewellery - Richard Soper on Vimeo.



Made using CAD CAM July 2016 - output in platinum and resin 3D print

Oval Diamond Engagement ring by BMG Jewellery from Richard Soper on Vimeo.



Diamond Halo Ring In Platinum By BMG Jewellery from Richard Soper on Vimeo.