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The native stone of California.

"So really if you are patriotic, live in California and have your nose pierced - there is now no excuse."

In 1907 James Couch and his family where grubstaked from thier ranch in California by a Coalinga oil man R.W. Dallas. Couch headed up to the head waters of the San Benito River and bedded down for the night. The morning sun exposed an section of shimmering blue stones on a rock on the north side of a Canyon. He collected some of the samples and within a week filed a federal mining claim.

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Benitoite is named in the normal way for modern gemstones that end in "ite" and include the area Benito in the name so Benito "ite"

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Benitoite is a lush mid blue vibrant stone and is considered to be one of the worlds rarest gemstones. Its chemical formula is, BaTiSi3O9, showing that barium and titanium exist in the molecule. A Sapphire is an aluminium oxide.

Gemstone advisor list this as one of the most expensive gemstones in the world

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From my point of view as a gemstone lover the blue stone is a refreshing change from Sapphire and Tanzanite. it has a shimmering quality all of its own and works well with high end stones.

The stones we have today are from the California mines and are of very high quality.

You can select the individual stone and have it made into a nose stud, labret stud or anything else you can think of. Meantime if you have any custom made enquiry please get in touch with us.

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