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Daith piercing for migraine specialist clinic.

Richard Soper CEO BMG Jewellery & The Real Piercing & Tattoo Studio

Richard has been piercing since 1998. He trained at The International School of Body Piercing in their Soho studio. Richard's father Dr David Soper qualified as an acupuncturist in late 1965 after extensive training in China making him one of the first acupuncturists in Europe. He gained a PHD in acupuncture in 1985 (Nei Ching PHD)

Due to Richard's research projects on this piercing and the outstanding success rate we are getting, the Real piercing studio & migraine clinic, continues to build its reputation for knowledge and accuracy for this piercing.

Just recently Richard has been working with Harley Street Migraine specialist Dr Chris Blatchley , supplying statistics for a world neurology conference. Some of the results form Richards survey where presented to several of the worlds top neurologists who found the evidence amazing. This, in turn opens up awareness from the top level. Already doctors are beginning to recommend this to migraine sufferers. You can also do Dr Blatchley comprehensive survey here once pierced.

The daith piercing including full consultation and advice is £125 GBP. This includes both sides if appropriate, done by Richard. 

There is a consultation lasting approx 30/40 mins, you will be asked several questions about your migraine history and medication, plus a spine and posture assessment to make you aware of any possible causes. Once this assessment is done a mutual decision will be made about what side or both are to be pierced. The piercing will then be done in the correct place with precise accuracy to the depth required optimising the result.

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Ear Piercing Placement

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Real's Body Piercers & Tattoo Artists

Simon Watkins - Tattooist & latest recruit, a young up and coming talent. Simon has just joined us here at real he is a talented artist with creativity in his blood. Simon has around a years experience in tattooing and has just been local authority approved to show off his massive talents here at Real. Simon is well known in this area and is already sought after. Simon is predicted to be one of the south's youngest and most talented up and coming stars. 

Richard Soper - Piercing since 1997 & CEO of BMG Jewellery and The Real Piercing & Tattoo Studio. Richard has almost 20 years experience as a piercer and has trained many pierces with a methodical and thorough approach. He had pioneered many body jewellery designs and continues to do. 


Nicole Gilbert 

Our newest piercing recruit and is now 4 months into her apprenticeship and fully capable of most piercings already. 




Real provides sustained customer relationships because of Real’s paramount interest in insuring an efficient piercing & tattoo process. These include: free consultations, comprehensive aftercare and staff happy to provide prolonged and knowledgeable advice.

Systematic attention to hygiene is essential to avoid the risk of infection. When piercing, Real declares that all: jewellery, instruments, surfaces and disposable items are prepared and sterilised to crucial high standards.

Moreover, when concerning nose piercings Real provides a truly exclusive service. This is due to the ability to have a custom made nose stud made “on the spot”, which is then fitted during your piercing. Customers are able to select their chosen diamond or precious gemstone.  Alternatively, for particular piercings, Real offers an extensive showcase of body jewellery that you can be pierced with.

Real is distinguished on social networking; therefore, join us for direct updates on Real’s services.

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    Age Restrictions 

    Ear Lobe (with Studex System)

    • 6 years +
    • Under 16's must have parent or guardian present

    Top of Ear (with Needle)

    • 13 years +
    • Under 16's must have parent or guardian present

    Navel (with Needle)

    • 13 years +
    • Under 16's must have parent or guardian present 

    All Facial Piercings

    • 16 years +
    • Require Photographic ID

    All Oral Piercings 

    • 16 years +
    • Require Photographic ID  
    • Under 18's must have a parent or guardian

    Nipple or Genital Piercings 

    Please note that we will not be piercing female genitals due to the new FGM Law until further notice.

    • 18 years +
    • Require Photographic ID

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    Please note that we will not be piercing female genitals due to the new FGM Law until further notice.


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