Custom Made Designer Body Jewellery

Combining the passion of Fine Jewellery making and Body Art since 1998.  

Body Matters Gold is internationally recognised for making high-end, bespoke body jewellery, set with real gemstones and diamonds. Using only precious metals - gold, platinum and silver. All body jewellery is hand-crafted in the BMG Jewellery workshops, UK.
Below you will find examples of bespoke body jewellery that we have crafted for both local and international customers. The bespoke jewellery and body jewellery shown in the click-throughs are made personally for you to your exact specification.
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If you would like to discuss an idea with us, contact us here.


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Once we have your inquiry our team can get to work - first point of call is to discuss what it is you want. We specialise in high-end jewellery ranging from, engagement rings to eternity rings, to necklaces to earrings. Other bespoke jewellery we can make for you includes: nose studs, labret studs, piercing rings and nipple bars.
Next we work out a price for the jewellery. This could be an accurate quote or a selection of different options making sure the piece is affordable. We will always go through with you the best options for your budget - whether than means using platinum, white gold, or even silver..
Our in-house team of designers, goldsmiths and gem setters pride themselves on their craft and will work with you to create a beautiful, unique jewellery pieces to your specification or designed by us from scratch.

The Process:

People often assume that the custom made option is just too expensive, and they don’t realise that it doesn’t need to cost the earth. Others simply just don’t know where to begin. All it takes is an idea, and it can evolve into a truly beautiful piece of bespoke jewellery.
All you need is the initial idea. This can be based on a similar item of jewellery, or come from something that has inspired you or just a great idea that you have had. Once you have the idea we will discuss this with you, and go through all of the possibilities with you.
The next step is the design. We will come up with some great design ideas with you, and refine these until you are completely happy. You will then be given preliminary quotes for your body jewellery. Once a design is decided upon, a final quote will be issued.
A 50% deposit will be taken before work starts, and the remaining 50% will be taken on completion.
We then move on to making your bespoke jewellery. All of the raw materials needed will be either ordered in or manufactured on site. The designing and making takes on average 4-6 weeks from start to finish.

About Us:

If you want to take advantage of this service there are a few things you need to know. 
We are goldsmiths, this means we make custom made body jewellery and bespoke jewellery for an international market using Gold, palladium and platinum. We can use silver, but this is not used to go through a piercing. Silver is only appropriate for rings, necklaces and bracelets.
These are the metals we prefer to use for body jewellery:
9ct Nickel free yellow or white gold - purity 37.5% gold
(not recommended to go through a piercing)
14ct Nickel free yellow or white gold - purity 58.5% gold 
18ct Nickel free yellow or white gold - purity 75% gold
22ct Nickel free yellow gold - purity 91.6% gold
Palladium - purity 95%
Platinum - purity 95%
Once your custom made jewellery is finished it can either be picked up from our shop, or sent out via insured post. Some customers like to come to us to have their body jewellery fitted. The great thing about this option is that Barney, our goldsmith, will be here to make any last minute adjustments or alterations required. This will ensure an accurate and comfortable fit. 
All work is done in-house which means your piece will be secure in our workshop at all times. The exception to this is hallmarking, as this needs to be done by the Assay Office. We will, of course, consult you before sending your piece to be hallmarked.

If you would like to discuss an idea with us, contact us here.