5 Diamond Claw Nose Stud. We made this nose stud for Tara, who wanted an update of one of our other custom made nose studs. She wanted a cross between a claw set nose stud and one with 5 diamonds.

The nose stud is made from 18ct white gold, with one 10pt diamond at the centre. Then two 6pt and two 3pt diamonds either side.


Barney decided to do this on CAD so we would get a metal cast back to set the diamonds in. This allows us to progress quicker and Tara could see her stud in a 3D drawing before it was made.


Above you can see the 3D drawing with diamond sizes set in it, then the wax print we sent for casting. 

5 Diamond Claw Nose Stud from BMG Bespoke Jewellery on Vimeo.