Garnet Tongue Jewellery
Garnet Tongue Jewellery

Garnet Tongue Jewellery

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Garnet Tongue Jewellery. This tongue jewellery will truly make your tongue piercing shine and is entirely safe to wear.

Do not fill your tongue piercing with just any ordinary tongue jewellery. Choosing tongue jewellery only on the basis of its looks or size might prove dangerous for your health. BMG understands the delicate nature of the organ involved in the act of tongue piercing. That is the reason we have come up with this candidly designed Garnet Tongue Jewellery, which is not only good looking but is also perfectly safe and hygienic to wear in your tongue piercing.

This tongue jewellery features a simple design that offers a comfort fit for the user. It sports an internally threaded shaft that promises an absolutely smooth surface to touch and feel. The tongue jewellery has two balls, one on each end of the gold stem. Length of the stem can vary between 9 mm to 20 mm, while you can get the bar made either in 14ct white or yellow gold. The balls on your tongue jewellery can be either 5 mm or 6 mm. Or, the top ball can be 6 mm with bottom 5 mm ball. One of the balls comes studded with an authentic Garnet gemstone.

Garnet is known to have excellent control over human body’s blood circulation system. It is exceptionally helpful for people with blood deficiency and also prevents evil thoughts from coming to the mind.


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