Amethyst Tongue Piercing Bar
Amethyst Tongue Piercing Bar

Amethyst Tongue Piercing Bar

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Amethyst Tongue Piercing Bar. This tongue piercing bar pairs gold with the stunning amethyst gemstone for maximum sparkle and shine.

Jewellery is not just an accessory, it is something much more. It is something that speaks your style, your sense of taste, enhances your persona. A lover of gemstones would know why it is so important to choose any particular gem and how much it affects you personally. Amethysts, for example, are greatly used as agents that help in avoiding intoxication after taking alcohol. Medically speaking, amethysts are great in curing migraine and headaches. They help in curing insomnia and bring mental piece. They help you in controlling the urge for taking alcohol and also control the intoxication that alcohol exhibits. They help in regulating heartbeat, blood pressure levels and increase concentration and intuition power. If you will notice, the entire above are related with the brain or are situated in the area in and around your skull.

This particular tongue piercing bar features a bar with an amethyst studded on it. With the tongue piercing bar being situated within the skull, the amethyst can directly regulate all of the issues within the head.

Coming to the style section, amethyst is a beautiful purple coloured stone which has a dazzling crystalline shimmer. This is one of the most valuable and sought after gemstones. At BMG, we make sure that only the most genuine of stones are dealt with. This particular tongue piercing bar is designed upon 14ct yellow gold and 14ct white gold. They come in the sizes of 9mm to 20mm.

These are completely personalized tongue piercing bars designed by professional to charm and impress. We can offer multiple sizes of balls on this tongue piercing bar to suit your personal needs. 


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