6pt Diamond Tongue Ring - BMG Body Jewellery
6pt Diamond Tongue Ring - BMG Body Jewellery

6pt Diamond Tongue Ring

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6pt Diamond Tongue Ring. Decorate your tongue piercing with this diamond encrusted tongue ring, choose the ball size to suit your personal style.

They say that the sense of taste is the one sense that can beat them all. Imagine having a diamond encrusted on a gold ball which is placed in your tongue awakening your senses 24/7. That is exactly what we are talking about. If you wish to have a tongue piercing or already have one and are looking for the perfect tongue ring, then this is the best piece for you. The tongue stud is crafted out of gold and is polished to perfection. Gold is completely safe to be used on skin and is one of those metals which are least reactive. This ensures that your skin stays safe keeping all kinds of infections at bay. Diamond is an ever favourite and acts as a purifier. These are the most exquisite of all gemstones.

This particular tongue ring is designed out of gold which is encrusted with a 6pt colourless diamond on the top ball. This ball sets perfectly upon your tongue giving it an amazing look that can just not be done away with. This tongue ring gives an extremely exquisite look that can be imparted to your tongue piercing. If you are a lover of jewels, glitter and luxury, this is the best piece for you, hands down! These come in the sizes of 9mm to 20mm. The variety in the choice of metal provided to you is white gold and yellow gold. The size of the ball is 2×5mm, 6×5mm and 2×6mm.

These tongue rings have been designed by professionals who prioritize you comfort and specifications. Adorn these tongue rings and flaunt them coupling it with a beautiful smile and see them smile along with you!


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