20pt Diamond Tongue Piercing Barbell - BMG Body Jewellery
20pt Diamond Tongue Piercing Barbell - BMG Body Jewellery

20pt Diamond Tongue Piercing Barbell

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20pt Diamond Tongue Piercing Barbell. With the rise of fashion and experimentation in piercings, there is no doubt that tongue piercings occupy an important space.

A lot of experimentation has been done in the past few years in the designing and styling of tongue piercing barbells and jewellery. The best part about  is that the ball that is visible and styled can be of any size according to your wish. They can be completely discreet or can be completely detailed and sized accordingly to give you a very funky look. Even though different types of material and metals are chosen to design piercing barbells, the best that can be used for this purpose are surgical steel or gold. The reason behind this is that they are completely safe on skin and are not as reactive as other metals.

This piercing barbell features a tongue bar constructed out of gold which is available in the variety of 14ct yellow gold and 14ct white gold. These tongue piercing barbells are encrusted with a single 20pt diamond that is completely colourless and shimmers exquisitely. This means that it not just catches attention but is completely admirable. You couldn’t get any better than this tongue piercing barbell when it comes to styling tour tongue piercing. This piercing barbell is sophisticated and extremely beautiful.

These piercing barbells are hand-crafted by our professionals who expertise in designing these pieces. Be prepared to shine in all your glory once you wear it and smile to the world that will surely greet you back with the same warmth.


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