Purple Sapphire Gemstone Nose Stud
Purple Sapphire Gemstone Nose Stud
Purple Sapphire Gemstone Nose Stud
Purple Sapphire Gemstone Nose Stud

Purple Sapphire Gemstone Nose Stud

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Purple Sapphire Gemstone Nose Stud. This gemstone nose stud uses a stone which inhibits the essence of projecting spiritual awakening.

Purple sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that brings with it an element of serenity. This gemstone nose stud uses this gorgeous gem as its center stone to create a spectacular piece of nose jewellery.

Handmade by skilled goldsmiths, this gemstone nose stud exhibits high standards of quality at BMG, and can be customized to create something that perfectly matches your requirement. Despite sporting a petite construction, this beautiful gemstone nose stud possesses the elegance to shine with radiance owing to the presence of a rare gem.

You can opt for any metal for your nose jewellery, by selecting it from options like 18ct Yellow, 14ct White, 18ct Rose Gold, Palladium, 22ct Yellow Gold, and Platinum. Varying size options in terms of gauge thickness, length, tail shape and stone size can be considered while deciding the personalized version of your gemstone nose stud.

Our expert goldsmiths will take due care of all your specifications and deliver a handmade piece that will bring alive your vision related to the design of this nose jewellery. Just in case, you find some discrepancy in the design, we will make sure that we get it rectified so that you get what you wanted to own.

Buying as a gift: Please select the normal criteria as the average as follows: 1mm gauge - 6mm shaft - L shaped tail.


All of our jewellery items are hand made by our on site goldsmiths. Orders take on average 7 to 14 working days to complete. This is because we don't want to rush your orders and in so doing, possibly compromise the quality - however we aim to complete orders as quickly as possible. During busy periods delivery may take longer.

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