Nose Rings

Nose Rings
Nose Rings handmade to order from BMG Studio.
Every Nose Ring will be made to your exact specifications, taking into account: size, gauge metal and gem size if applicable. Choose from a ball closure ring or continuous ring for your nose piercing
Diamond Daith Ring

Diamond Daith Ring

Diamond Daith Ring is one of our brand new items of jewellery. This daith ring will suit your daith or migraine piercing beautifully, and is a dazzling item. This daith... Learn More

From:£420.00 GBP

-£995.00 GBP

Semi Segment Nose Ring

Semi Segment Nose Ring. Easy to insert, no ball and it stays in place. It is a comfortable nose ring and we can make it in multiple metals especially for... Learn More

£80.00 GBP

3pt Diamond, Platinum Nose Hoop

3pt Diamond, Platinum Nose Hoop. A stunning BCR, this nose ring is classically beautiful and will accentuate your look, it is a very special nose hoop. Each nose hoop is... Learn More

£285.00 GBP

Diamond and Ruby Septum Ring

Diamond and Ruby Septum Ring, set with two diamonds and a stunning ruby. These stones hang in a petite, triangle shape, perfect for your septum piercing. Shown here with two... Learn More

£150.00 GBP

Continuous Nose Ring

Continuous Nose Ring

Continuous Nose Ring. This nose ring is a very chic and contemporary. We have elevated this popular nose ring design through the use of precious metals. This nose ring is... Learn More

£65.00 GBP

-£75.00 GBP

Plain Circular Barbell

Plain Circular Barbell. A simple piece of body jewellery. Wear the circular barbell to instantly uplift your look and give you the chic style you've always wanted. Create your own... Learn More

£225.00 GBP

Plain Gold Nose Piercing Ring

Plain Gold Nose Piercing Ring. Expertly handmade by our goldsmiths. This nose piercing ring is simple with a ball closure to seal it and keep it in your nose piercing.... Learn More

From:£160.00 GBP

Crown of Diamonds BCR

Crown of Diamonds BCR. Set with tiny diamonds around the ball. This retro style jewellery is perfect to be worn as an earring or nose ring. This ball closure ring... Learn More

£245.00 GBP

Diamond BCR with 6pt Diamond and 4mm Ball

Diamond BCR with 6pt Diamond and 4mm Ball.This simple, wearable BCR comes in both white and yellow gold, and is a real luxury piece.The charm of these ball closure rings... Learn More

From:£220.00 GBP

Peridot Nose Piercing Ring with 3mm Ball

Peridot Nose Piercing Ring with 3mm Ball. The peridot gemstone is the birthstone for those born in August so this nose piercing ring would make a great gift. This nose... Learn More

From:£105.00 GBP

Pink Sapphire BCR with 3mm Ball

Pink Sapphire BCR with 3mm Ball. This BCR uses a baby pink sapphire to light up this piece of jewellery and your every day look. This pink sapphire BCR can... Learn More

From:£190.00 GBP

3pt Diamond Ball Closure Ring (4mm Ball, 1.2mm Gauge)

3pt Diamond Ball Closure Ring (4mm Ball, 1.2mm Gauge)

3pt Diamond Ball Closure Ring (4mm Ball, 1.2mm Gauge). This simple petite ball closure ring comes in a 1.2mm gauge suitable for nose, ear or eyebrow piercings. Choose from 14ct... Learn More

From:£185.00 GBP

-£229.00 GBP

Amethyst Nose BCR, 3mm Ball

Amethyst Nose BCR, 3mm Ball. This Nose BCR can be made from multiple metals to your choice, to contrast beautifully with the amethyst gemstone. The nose BCR incorporates the spiritual... Learn More

From:£105.00 GBP

2mm Garnet Gemstone Nose Ring

2mm Garnet Gemstone Nose Ring. Using a bright garnet gemstone this nose ring will brighten up your look. Suitable for ear and nose piercings. We are able to make this... Learn More

From:£105.00 GBP

Nose Piercing Hoop with 2mm Topaz Gemstone

Nose Piercing Hoop with 2mm Topaz Gemstone. Using a dazzling blue topaz, this nose piercing hoop will make you stand out from the crowd. The Topaz nose piercing hoop comes... Learn More

From:£105.00 GBP

2mm Sapphire Piercing Ring

2mm Sapphire Piercing Ring

2mm Sapphire Piercing Ring. The sapphire BCR encorporates a dazzling gemstone, sapphire embraces order and self discipline, ideal for the perfectionist. Blue Sapphire is still a Stone of Wisdom, Blue... Learn More

From:£200.00 GBP

-£290.00 GBP