Crown of Diamonds Nipple Bar - BMG Body Jewellery
Crown of Diamonds Nipple Bar - BMG Body Jewellery

Crown of Diamonds Nipple Bar

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Crown of Diamonds Nipple Bar. Treat your nipple piercing to one of this Crown of Diamonds Nipple Bar and give it a sensuous and graceful feel and look.

If you are in need of a nipple bar that will add some sparkling style to your nipple piercing, then this crown of diamonds nipple bar is a great choice to make. We have it all covered for you with this stunning piece of body jewellery which feels and looks erotic.

This feminine looking nipple bar is simply gorgeous as a nipple piercing as well as superbly sexy too. The crown of diamonds on either side of this nipple bar that adds more to its charm, giving it look that makes you want to have it. It is lightweight and flexible to use and reduces the stress on the piercing.

Designed by our expert craftsmen, the makers have made sure that the final nipple bar you get is extremely comfortable and safe to wear. The nipple bar is very easy to wear and remove and does not give you any kind of undue pains. It is available at a very affordable price, hence you can make this piece yours with an ease.

You can customize this nipple bar with a choice of different gemstones like sapphires or rubies. The ball size left to right is 6.10mm and top to bottom is 7.85mm. Each ball is set with a tiny 1pt. diamonds and you can choose between 14ct white gold and 14ct yellow gold. The length of this nipple bar varies from 10mm to 22mm.

Nipple Bar Crown of Diamonds from BMG Jewellery - Richard Soper on Vimeo.



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