Labret Studs

Labret Studs
Labret Studs by BMG Jewellery, all personalised as per your requirements.
Internally threaded ear pins are designed for new piercings due to the threaded hole inside the barbell, allowing the smooth barbell to pass through the piercing. The external thread protruding from the ball is then inserted and screwed into place BMG Jewellery offers a beautiful selection of internally threaded labret studs for you to choose from.
Pic shows 3mm gemstones top to bottom Red Spinell, Tsavorite garnet, Mexican Fire Opal

Three Diamond Labret Stud

Three Diamond Labret Stud, uses dazzling 2pt diamonds and is perfect in a tragus, pinna or helix piercing. Internally threaded labret sits flat against the ear. The labret stud is... Learn More

From:£245.00 GBP

3pt Diamond Labret Pin (2mm)

3pt Diamond Labret Pin (2mm). This labret pin will sit flat against your piercing, the internally threaded labret pin is easy to fit and the head securely threads in. This... Learn More

From:£185.00 GBP

Diamond Labret Bar with 6pt Diamond (2.6mm)

Diamond Labret Bar with 6pt Diamond (2.6mm). This labret bar is intricately designed keeping luxury in mind and is a must have. This week use "NOSE5" for an extra 5%... Learn More

From:£215.00 GBP

Gold Labret Stud with 10pt, 3mm Diamond

Gold Labret Stud with 10pt, 3mm Diamond. This is a standout piece, the larger 3mm diamond set on the gold labret stud creates a more visible piece of body jewellery.... Learn More

From:£340.00 GBP

Diamond Ear Labret with 15pt Diamond

Diamond Ear Labret with 15pt Diamond. The 3.4mm diamond adds enhanced sparkle to the piercing in which it is worn.  The ear labret is crafted by our goldsmiths to sit... Learn More

From:£415.00 GBP

Diamond Labret Bar with Large 20pt Diamond

Diamond Labret Bar with Large 20pt Diamond. Adorn your piercing with this diamond labret bar, with a diamond size of 3.8mm you will get the maximum sparkle. The labret bar... Learn More

From:£525.00 GBP