Gold & Platinum Scaffold Bars

Gold & Platinum Scaffold Bars
Gold & Platinum Scaffold Bars, handmade at BMG Studios.
Scaffolding piercings have become more and more popular, and why shouldn't you be able to wear diamonds in this piercing? Browse BMG's range of Scaffold Bars.

Gold Scaffolding Piercing Jewellery

Gold Scaffolding Piercing Jewellery. This plain gold scaffolding piercing jewellery is a classic, and we style to suit you using either white or yellow gold. Ear jewellery is taking new... Learn More

From:£230.00 GBP

Gold Scaffolding Bar with Gemstones

Gold Scaffolding Bar with Gemstones. Choose from either 14ct white or yellow gold paired with a choice of gemstone for your gold scaffolding bar. Innovation can even make a simple... Learn More

From:£210.00 GBP

Crown of Diamonds Industrial Jewellery

Crown of Diamonds Industrial Jewellery. This industrial jewellery will give your scaffolding piercing a high class look that will attract attention. We need that one piece of body jewellery that... Learn More

£420.00 GBP

Platinum Industrial Ear Piercing

Platinum Industrial Ear Piercing. Platinum is the most expensive and the rarest of all metals. There is no denying its glamour, aura and uniqueness. It has been recently started to... Learn More

From:£435.00 GBP

Heart Scaffold Bar

Heart Scaffold Bar is a little winner that will give your scaffolding piercing some serious sparkle and overwhelm you with its splendidness. This scaffold bar is a great piece of body... Learn More

From:£470.00 GBP

Scaffolding Bar with Diamonds

Scaffolding Bar with Diamonds. These scaffolding bars, these pieces are designed according to the specifications mentioned by you. The piece is complete safe and skin-friendly. The are extremely comfortable to carry... Learn More

From:£330.00 GBP

Platinum and Diamond Industrial Bar

Platinum and Diamond Industrial Bar, platinum and diamond are both simply the most stunning and exquisite elements. They are unmatchable and most precious of all in their respective kinds. Platinum is... Learn More

From:£435.00 GBP

Heart Nipple Bar

Heart Nipple Bar This beautiful piece will make a fantastic addition to your piercing which comes in 1.6 gauge in white, yellow & rose gold. This stunning barbell has two... Learn More

From:£154.00 GBP