Plain Female Genital Jewellery
Plain Female Genital Jewellery
Plain Female Genital Jewellery
Plain Female Genital Jewellery

Plain Female Genital Jewellery

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Plain Female Genital Jewellery. This genital jewellery features plain gold female genital barbells which are polished to perfection and impart a dazzling look.

The best thing about gold is that it suited for all skin types. There is one very rare speciality of gold that it acts as a healing metal. If you ever have an infection or run a cut, at any particular piercing in your body, it is always advised that you replace your jewellery with one that is made out of gold. That is one matter of fact that we have stated here. However, there is no denying in the fact that gold is the most auspicious and dazzling of all metals. It has been used in the art of jewellery making since the evolution of human kind. Historically speaking, it has been used as the metal of the royals and was only worn by the rich and the elite as compared to the commoners. The popularity of gold can never decrease, neither in choice nor in its value. This is why it is extensively mined and demanded by people all over the world.

This female genital jewellery is available in a size range from 4mm to 12mm. They are available in a curved or straight bar; we leave the choice on you. The ball sizes on this genital jewellery are available in 5x5mm and 5x6mm. We also offer a variety of gold in this piece in case you would like to prefer a different shade other than yellow gold. Hence, the metal is available in white gold and yellow gold.

All of our female genital jewellery is completely personalized piece and we ensure that each and every specification made by you has been carefully taken care of. Each piece of genital jewellery has been hand-crafted by professionals so that each and every piece is unique in its own way.  This is a very feminine and exciting piece of genital jewellery that is completely safe on the skin.


All of our jewellery items are hand made by our on site goldsmiths. Orders take on average 7 to 14 working days to complete. This is because we don't want to rush your orders and in so doing, possibly compromise the quality - however we aim to complete orders as quickly as possible. During busy periods delivery may take longer.

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