Large Diamond Female Genital Jewellery
Large Diamond Female Genital Jewellery
Large Diamond Female Genital Jewellery
Large Diamond Female Genital Jewellery

Large Diamond Female Genital Jewellery

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Large Diamond Female Genital Jewellery. Featuring a colourless diamond set on a gold ball at either end of your choice of straight or curved bar.

If you are a lover of diamonds (who isn’t?) then this is the perfect piece for you. Colourless diamonds are very hard to find because they have no impurities at all which means they must have been formed under specific physical conditions which require certain natural attributes without which they cannot be formed. They are therefore, mostly lab prepared. However, we at BMG make sure that only the naturally existing and most genuine pieces be dealt with.

This female genital jewellery features a gold barbell with two larger diamonds studded on each of its balls. The diamonds are colourless and dazzling. They impart an amazing sheen. They are set on gold - a barbell which is made out of gold and is available in two varieties, which are: white gold and yellow gold. The genital jewellery can either be straight or bent as per your comfort. The diamonds are available in two sizes of 2 x 15pt and 2 x 20pt. The size of the barbell range from 4mm to 12mm and is completely up to your specifications.

These pieces of genital jewellery are therefore, completely personalized pieces of jewellery that are hand-crafted by professionals who expertise in crafting these pieces. The female genital jewellery is completely genuine and authentic. It has been designed keeping in mind the safety of skin and comfort that you require. This is a very feminine and beautiful piece that is bound to make you feel special.


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