Diamond Female Genital Bar - BMG Body Jewellery
Diamond Female Genital Bar - BMG Body Jewellery
Diamond Female Genital Bar - BMG Body Jewellery
Diamond Female Genital Bar - BMG Body Jewellery

Diamond Female Genital Bar

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Diamond Female Genital Bar. This female genital bar features either a curved or straight bar, with a ball at either end fitted with a diamond.

Gold is the most exotic of all metals and there is no denying in the fact as to why it is so famous among the young and the old equally. Gold has been used since eras to design pieces of jewellery. It gives an ultimate sheen and glow which is unmatchable. There is no other metal with gives such a royal look. The best part of wearing gold is that it suits all skin tones and types and has various properties that keep skin infections at bay. The price of gold is most likely to increase in its value by heaps and bounds. The price of gold is increasing day by day.

Diamonds on the other hand are the most lustrous and glamorous of all gemstones and are extremely valuable. The most perfect pieces are colourless diamonds which are not easily found and are therefore, extremely expensive.

We give you two diamonds studded at each end of the female genital bar. These are beautiful colourless diamonds which are completely genuine and naturally found. The metal on which they are encrusted upon is gold which is available in two varieties for this piece. They are white gold and yellow gold. These female genital bars can be bent or straight as per your comfort. They are available in range of sizes from 4mm to 12mm. Choose from two different ball sizes of 5 x 5mm and 5 x 6mm for your genital bar. The diamond is available in various sizes ranging from 2 x 3pt, 2 x 6pt and 2 x 10pt.

This female genital bar is therefore a completely personalized piece of jewellery designed according to your specifications. Each piece has been hand-crafted by professionals and is completely skin-friendly.


All of our jewellery items are hand made by our on site goldsmiths. Orders take on average 7 to 14 working days to complete. This is because we don't want to rush your orders and in so doing, possibly compromise the quality - however we aim to complete orders as quickly as possible. During busy periods delivery may take longer.

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