Female Genital Jewellery

Female Genital Jewellery

Female Genital Jewellery. BMG Jewellery make the very best female genital jewellery you can buy and are specialists in this field.

A genital bar or ring from your favourite precious metal set with diamonds or gemstones ethically sourced. BMG can find some of the worlds most sought after and rarest gemstones. Bubble gum pink or hot pink sapphires, paraiba blue tourmaline with its fascinating neon glow. Flawless diamonds.

Email us with your desire or idea as we can make it reality. As both piercers and  specialist jewellers we are happy to advise with all of your queries.
Gemstone Female Genital Bar

Gemstone Female Genital Bar

Gemstone Female Genital Bar. Add some spice to your own style and flair by donning this female genital bar set with your choice of gemstone. Simple, subtle yet admired by... Learn More

From:£215.00 GBP

-£275.00 GBP

Large Diamond Female Genital Jewellery

Large Diamond Female Genital Jewellery. Featuring a colourless diamond set on a gold ball at either end of your choice of straight or curved bar. If you are a lover... Learn More

From:£730.00 GBP

BCR Hearts

BCR Hearts  These beautifully crafted BCR hearts are the perfect compliment for your existing BCR ring, whether you wish for a change or for these to be given as a... Learn More

From:£42.00 GBP

Heart Shaped Barbell

Heart Shaped Barbell This beautiful piece will make a fantastic addition to your piercing which comes in 1.2 gauge in white, yellow & rose gold. The stunning barbell features 2... Learn More

From:£99.00 GBP

Skull Barbell - Choose Your Stones

Skull Barbell - Choose Your Stones. Choose from either a curved or straight barbell to suit your needs. Suitable for eyebrow, VCH or rook piercings. If you select the straight... Learn More

From:£295.00 GBP

Plain Female Genital Jewellery

Plain Female Genital Jewellery. This genital jewellery features plain gold female genital barbells which are polished to perfection and impart a dazzling look. The best thing about gold is that it... Learn More

From:£150.00 GBP

Diamond Female Genital Bar

Diamond Female Genital Bar. This female genital bar features either a curved or straight bar, with a ball at either end fitted with a diamond. Gold is the most exotic... Learn More

From:£260.00 GBP

Female Genital Bar in Platinum

Female Genital Bar in Platinum. This simple yet stunning female genital bar makes use of the purest and most luxurious metal to craft your genital bar. Decorate your clitoral hood... Learn More

From:£410.00 GBP

Gemstone Piercing Ring with 5mm Ball

Gemstone Piercing Ring with 5mm Ball. The piercing ring can be made in a choice of golds and also with seven gemstones. Various gemstones such as moonstone, topaz, sapphire, rubies... Learn More

From:£225.00 GBP

Platinum and Diamond Female Genital Piercing

Platinum and Diamond Female Genital Piercing

Platinum and Diamond Female Genital Piercing. This female genital piercing is a sparkling jewellery that you would love to wear. Designed to step out from the simple barbells, this female... Learn More

From:£400.00 GBP

-£550.00 GBP

Large Diamond, Platinum Female Genital Jewellery

Large Diamond, Platinum Female Genital Jewellery. Elegant, clean and practically designed, this is how we describe this diamond female genital jewellery. A perfect pick for sensitive piercings like clitoris piercing,... Learn More

From:£850.00 GBP

Platinum Genital Barbell with Gemstones

Platinum Genital Barbell with Gemstones. Ditch the old standard and boring genital barbells and opt for the platinum genital barbell with gemstones. A perfect pick to enhance your clit piercing,... Learn More

From:£465.00 GBP

Diamond BCR with 6pt Diamond and 4mm Ball

Diamond BCR with 6pt Diamond and 4mm Ball.This simple, wearable BCR comes in both white and yellow gold, and is a real luxury piece.The charm of these ball closure rings... Learn More

From:£220.00 GBP

Gemstone CBR Ring - 6mm Ball

Gemstone CBR Ring - 6mm Ball. Choose from white or yellow gold for this CBR ring, paired with a 2.5mm gemstone from the dropdown. Gold and jewellery have an undeniable... Learn More

From:£270.00 GBP

Gold Ball Closure Ring

Gold Ball Closure Ring. This BCR is an extremely versatile piece of body jewellery. The simple pairing of gold with this BCR design makes a timeless piece of jewellery. This... Learn More

From:£160.00 GBP

Skull Ball Closure Ring, 1.2mm Gauge

Skull Ball Closure Ring, 1.2mm Gauge. This BCR is suitable to be worn in the ears, eyebrow piercing and nose piercings, for an alternative look. The skull itself is 3.35mm... Learn More

From:£275.00 GBP

1.6mm Gauge Skull Captive Bead Ring

1.6mm Gauge Skull Captive Bead Ring. This captive bead ring can be worn in a nipple, lip, lobe, top ear, helix, eyebrow as well as genital piercings. The skull itself... Learn More

From:£305.00 GBP

Platinum and Diamond Eyebrow Ring (4mm Ball)

Platinum and Diamond Eyebrow Ring (4mm Ball). Bring style and creativity to your lifestyle with the gorgeous platinum eyebrow ring, with 4mm ball. This eyebrow ring features a round diamond-studded... Learn More

From:£400.00 GBP

Platinum BCR with 4mm Ball, 1.6mm Gauge

Platinum BCR with 4mm Ball, 1.6mm Gauge. This ball closure ring also carries a diamond set in the centre of the ball for ultimate style. When your piercing needs a... Learn More

From:£350.00 GBP

Platinum Nipple Ring

Platinum Nipple Ring. Do you want body jewellery that is different from the conventional ones? If yes, then we have for you the Platinum Nipple Ring. This nipple ring will... Learn More

From:£370.00 GBP

Platinum Piercing Ring

Platinum Piercing Ring. Update your plain body jewellery with the simple and stylish Platinum piercing ring that is shiny and sparkling to look at. This stylish and fancy piercing ring... Learn More

From:£270.00 GBP

Gift Card

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a BMG Body Jewellery Gift Card. Gift cards are delivered by email... Learn More

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