Moonstone Captive Bead Ring with 4mm Ball - BMG Body Jewellery
Moonstone Captive Bead Ring with 4mm Ball - BMG Body Jewellery

Moonstone Captive Bead Ring with 4mm Ball

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Moonstone Captive Bead Ring with 4mm Ball. This gemstone captive bead ring carries the properties of moonstone in your choice of precious metal.

The serenity and calmness radiated by the moon has been captured in a beautiful gemstone that derives its name from the moon, the moonstone. The moonstone captive ball ring is a beautiful piece of body jewellery that has been designed with the tranquillity of this gorgeous gemstone.

Known for bringing in good fortune, the moonstone used in this accessory promotes inspiration and revitalizes your mood. A moonstone has been encrusted at the centre of the ball to instil an element of positivity in the mind of the user in its own sweet manner.

At BMG, the option of customising your body jewellery allows you to create a piece that you might have created or wished for in your imagination. In terms of metal, options like 14ct Yellow Gold and 14ct White Gold are offered and are the perfect pairing in this captive bead ring. The size options range from 8mm to 16mm in length and two gauge thickness alternatives are also available.

Just select your captive bead ring and provide us with your inputs about the customisation so that our skilled team of professional goldsmiths can create the perfect captive bead ring that you have desired for.


All of our jewellery items are hand made by our on site goldsmiths. Orders take on average 7 to 14 working days to complete. This is because we don't want to rush your orders and in so doing, possibly compromise the quality - however we aim to complete orders as quickly as possible. During busy periods delivery may take longer.

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