Blue Topaz Ball Closure Ring with 4mm Gemstone Ball - BMG Body Jewellery
Blue Topaz Ball Closure Ring with 4mm Gemstone Ball - BMG Body Jewellery

Blue Topaz Ball Closure Ring with 4mm Gemstone Ball

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Blue Topaz Ball Closure Ring with 4mm Gemstone Ball. Pair this bright blue topaz gemstone with complimentary white or yellow gold in this ball closure ring.

Topaz was first found in Quro, Brazil as an extremely shiny stone which exhibit colours from yellow to deep blue. The word topaz comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Tapan’ which means heat and is one of the 9 most sacred gems. In the Egyptian mythology, it was referred to as ‘Ra’ which means the sun

This gemstone exhibits various psychological values and creative energies such as providing strength of mind, peace, power of intuition, lowering temper and improve wit. It is also excellent for great concentration. It is therefore rich in properties in all aspects physical, chemical and creative.

This ball closure ring features a beautiful dazzling ocean blue topaz in the centre of a ball that is fixed in the centre of this beautiful BCR. The metal used for crafting this ball closure ring is 14ct yellow gold or 14ct white gold depending upon your preference.  The size of the ball closure ring is from 8mm to 16mm and can be sized as per your choice. The gauge sizes offered to you are 1.2mm to 16mm and 1.6mm to 14mm. it comes with a ball closure.

The quality of the metal is extremely fine and the stone used in designing this BCR is completely natural and genuine. This piece can be worn as a nose ring, on the tragus, ear lobes and belly or as a nipple ring.

This will definitely set a fashion statement and add an element of charm and beauty to your persona.


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