Collection: Diamond & Synthetic Diamond Nose Studs

BMG Jewellery now have available in both stunning genuine VS1 quality natural diamond or alternatively synthetic diamond, cubic zirconia. A budget to suit everyone for the perfect nose stud!
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  • Diamond Nose Stud - Tiny Diamond 1.4mm
    1.4mm nose stud - diamond or CZ
  • 2pt Diamond Nose Stud, 1.8mm Diamond
    Small 2pt diamond nose stud
  • 3pt Diamond Nose Stud with 2mm Diamond
    3pt/2mm diamond nose stud
  • Diamond Nose Pin with 6pt Diamond (2.6mm)
    6pt diamond nose jewellery
  • Diamond Nose Piercing Stud with 10pt, 3mm Diamond
    3mm flat diamond nose stud
  • 15pt Diamond Nose Stud, 3.4mm Diamond
    15pt nose jewellery, 3.4mm
  • Claw Set Diamond Nose Stud with Small 2mm Diamond
    2mm claw set diamond nose stud
  • Diamond Nose Stud with Medium 2.4mm Claw Set Diamond
    2.4mm claw set diamond nose stud
  • 10pt Claw Set Diamond Nose Pin, 3mm Diamond
    10pt claw set diamond nose stud, 3mm
  • Princess Cut Diamond Nose Pin - 5pt (2mm) Diamond
    2mm princess cut diamond nose stud