Gold Body Bar with Two Diamonds - BMG Body Jewellery
Gold Body Bar with Two Diamonds - BMG Body Jewellery
Gold Body Bar with Two Diamonds - BMG Body Jewellery
Gold Body Bar with Two Diamonds - BMG Body Jewellery

Gold Belly Bar with Two Diamonds

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Gold Belly Bar with Two Diamonds. Wear this body bar in your belly button piercing and look truly stunning. Choose from white or yellow gold for this body bar.

The tradition of body piercings is just as ancient as the history of jewellery making. In ancient times, piercings were considered as a symbol of bravery and courage. In almost every country the art and form of jewellery making has been linked and fostered with time and creative fashions.

One of the most appealing kinds of piercings is the navel/belly button piercings. They can be well experimented with. Different kinds of gemstones have been incorporated in the designing of body jewellery and diamonds have been the ever favourite.

This particular piece features a curved metal body bar with two diamonds set on either ends of the piece. The diamonds are completely genuine and of the best quality. They are available in a range of sizes which gives you the benefit of preference.

The size available for this particular piece ranges from 3pt (top) and 6pt (bottom) to 10pt top and 50pt. We make sure that the cut, colour, clarity and the carat of the stone is perfect. Choose from 14ct yellow gold and 14ct white gold for this body bar. The price of the complete jewellery depends upon the size of the diamonds you choose.

This enchanting gold body bar has been especially crafted by professionals who expertise in making this particular design. The reason behind this being that it ensures that you get the best quality of personalized jewellery which is comfortable according to your own style and taste. These pieces are completely skin-friendly. Adorn this body bar to any occasion and be sure that you will definitely attract attention and admiration from all!

Shown with 6pt and 20pt diamond


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