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Hello and welcome to another edition of our blog, today we are talking about all there is to know about nose studs, how to find the perfect fit and what makes our unique method of creating nose studs shine heads and shoulders above the rest (pun most certainly intended).

BMG has been creating nose studs since 1998, that’s a whole 21 years invested in the pursuit of perfecting the diamond nose studs that we sell in our shop today, we are confident to say that we cracked this setting, way over 10 years ago.

Ask any of our customers and they will say that, without a doubt, our diamond nose studs sit perfectly and more importantly - without any unnecessary overhang, they sit flush to your piercing and that is all down to how we set our stones.

Have you ever tried on a nose stud, and for some reason, you can’t quite put your finger on it, but it doesn’t sit right with you?

It is a nice design, it has the measurements to fit your piercing, you love the size, but when you look in the mirror, it doesn’t quite look how you thought?

Now you have a piece of jewellery, which you have paid good money for, but you can’t exchange it as it has already been in your nose!


So what is the solution?

Stop buying generic, non-customised nose studs and shop with us.

Purchase yourself a fully customised nose stud from us here at BMG and stop the jewellery disappointment once and for all!

Before we go ahead and explain to you exactly why our nose studs fit better because they sit IN your piercing and not ON your piercing (oh yes, we are about to blow your mind).

Let us remind you, that a part of our continued commitment to offer the best nose studs on the market, we also offer free alterations of your purchased nose jewellery, to ensure that the look and sit is nothing less than perfect!

Happy days!


When we started selling our best selling nose studs over 20 years ago, we realised quite quickly that we were ahead of the game.
We were setting our gemstones totally different from how the rest of the market was doing so, and until recently we have been the only company setting our stones in such a way. 

We aren’t surprised that our technique is being duplicated, all of the best ideas attract companies that want to copy and jump on the bandwagon, but we hold our heads high as we are the pioneers of this setting and you don’t get much better than the original.


Nose piercings (in fact all piercings) should house jewellery that sits into the piercing and not ON the piercing.

In other words, first and foremost your jewellery should ALWAYS feel comfortable, it should be flush to your nose so as it can’t get caught and easily pulled out, and it most certainly should be of high-quality metal and certainly - not silver!!

That is unless you have a preference to a blackened piercing site – No? We didn’t think so!

Now let’s talk about the setting!

We mentioned earlier in the post that the jewellery should sit IN and not ON your piercing and we achieve this, by quite simply setting the stone in a cone-shaped container so it can sit, into the depressed skin that a piercing naturally creates.

15pt Diamond Nose Jewellery, 3.4mm Diamond


The above picture is a 15pt diamond set in 18ct Rose Gold and as you can see the “cone” houses the pointed end of the diamond snug in place, this allows the cone to sit into the piercing site, as opposed to a fixture that makes the gem sit ON the outside of the piercing.

Choosing a setting that isn’t coned to allow a flush fit, will look often oversized, and out of place plus more often than not, it is quite uncomfortable due to the weight of the alternative fixture.

Due to the customisable nature of our nose studs, this cone-shaped fixture oozes sophistication, promotes comfort and is perfectly housed to allow as much light into the diamond as possible so the sparkle isn’t restricted! Shine on beauties!


Below we have a short video of how we create the perfect fit nose stud that we are known for!

So much choice…

We love things that sparkle, and we love high quality and you will find both in equal proportions in our nose studs.

We use a wide range of diamonds in various colours and sizes meaning we can create you something to your exact tastes, and if diamonds aren’t on your agenda – we also have access to hundreds of gemstones ranging from the exquisitely rare Paraiba Tourmaline seen below, right the way through to amethyst, garnets, and aquamarines.

Choosing the best fit…

We know how hard it can be to choose what type, shape and size nose stud will fit your unique piercing, which is why we have taken the time to create a PDF guide to help you choose the correct size for you, and it can be found HERE

So what are you waiting for?

You know now what to look for :

* High-quality metals such as Golds or Titanium.

*Stay away from silver in your piercings – for more info on why you should avoid silver click our sister studio blog here.

*Choose a cone-shaped fixture to house the gem for a flush fit to your piercing.

*Choose a jeweller that offers free customisations… That will be US then!

All of our customised nose studs are available directly on our website; you can choose the length, shape of the tail (the part inside your nose), a gem of choice and also the size of the gem too.

With so many options for you to customise your jewellery with, it’s going to be hard to not find something you will love, and wear with comfort and pride!

Share the love and this blog post with your friends so they too can experience the best-fit nose stud the industry has to offer.

Until next time, 

Happy shopping,

The BMG Team.

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