The Burgess Hill Bespoke Jewellery Dream Factory - Creating Trans-personal Classics

The Burgess Hill Bespoke Jewellery Dream Factory -  Creating Trans-personal Classics

We have the technology to turn your idea into a classic treasure that only ever gains in value. 

If you locked Leonardo Da Vinci in our workshop with traditional tools, benches and the noise and smell of metal and the sparkle of gems and invited him to creates something,  he would be like a kid in a toy factory.  Add to that some computers and lasers and he would know that had died and gone to Heaven!  He still has the same traditional kit, but now he has  lots of people who visit him with different ideas and dreams. Being the socialite he was, he would love the consultation process - the chance to collaborate with strangers, each one with a different story. But having just landed in the 21st Century, he now has computers to help him and his collaborators discuss and design.  He now has lasers with which to sculpt extraordinary wonders while possessing the wisdom of the old crafts.

Ask yourself this: would Leonardo snub these technologies? No!  No he wouldn't, because he was not a petty pedestrian pedantic puritan. He was a Renaissance man, doing his part to rid us of the ghastliness of Medievalism, which is to where all puritanism leads. Puritanical thinking has NO place in the creative arts or exploratory industries.  

So this is where we are. We find ourselves with our hammers and anvils and our computers and our lasers, able to make wondrous things with unprecedented capability, scope and craftsmanship. We even have a real elf working for us!. Don't believe me? Come into the studio and see for yourself!  His name is Barney - Barney The Elf!  And he's a genius!  Mind you so are our human jewellers, to be fair. 

So what are we going to do, you and I?  You already know that it is as inexpensive to to create your own jewellery with us as it is to buy off the shelf in some snooty boutique where you will be gifted with sweet smiles of disdain and disapproval - better to come explore your dreams with us in a fun, respectful and caffeinated environment.  So, we have established that dreaming and sculpting a bespoke piece is the way to go - why not?  But there is a tendency to get trapped in a certain way of thinking. Bespoke doesn't just mean personal and intimate, it can also mean unique and/or classic!  

So this is what I thought we would do:  The opportunity will always exist with us to craft a beautiful or sentimental piece for the people you love and cherish.  But how about a piece of jewellery that is for the world? For the world but in a class of its own! Something that you are wearing that ignites envy and desire in the other person. The way I see it, is that there are pieces of jewellery not yet in the world that should be. These fall into two categories. Firstly, something abstract, beautiful and unique that has occurred only in your mind, or Secondly, something that is nestling in a film somewhere or described in a book or even on an album cover that has never been lifted from its image state, to which you can add your own twist, and have it made into a three dimensional piece of treasure that has broad appeal and only ever gains in value. 

For the Geeky Chic, this opens up endless possibilities. All you have to do is explore the iconography of any subject, subculture or genre.  Just put the word, "Iconography," after any other word into Google, hit the image tab and away you go!  I'm not a comic book or Marvel fan, but I do like The Silver Surfer. All I do is  put, "Silver Surfer Iconography," into Google, hit the image tab and have tons of images to sift through to find one that approximates my idea.  However, I don't just want a Silver Surfer Brooch, I want one where The Silver Surfer is on his board, flying through space, playing a Randy Rhoads Signature, "Flying V," electric guitar in a Randy Rhoads classic pose.  Randy is my favourite ever guitarist and I don't know of anyone else who has put these two icons together, but I know my fellow nerdy friends will get it straight away when they see it and will want one. Well, they can't have one, see! I then have a piece of jewellery I have wanted for years that my daughter can sell on "Pawn Stars," or my Grandchildren can get valued on "Anitques Road Show," or maybe some future archaeologists can speculate about the origin and meaning of.  

I digress.  I take the idea to Barney, Barney the Elf, and he draws with his left hand while scrolling the images I had previously scrolled on the computer with his right hand, and the consultation process is begun.  After some sketches eeked out from our conversation, he'll put together a CAD image which I can rotate and view from a variety of angles. I can alter the metals and gems to my heart's desire from any of my devices at any time from a secure page online.

This is not just about engagement rings, it's about any kind of jewellery!  My example is, of course, very nerdy, but my friend is a violinist and she would like a beautifully cast violin.  She is not quite sure what direction or shape it should take, or what metal or gems should make it up.  She just knows that she wants a beautiful violin in the form of a brooch or a pendant. I suggested a slave band on her upper arm, she didn't respond. What she also knows is that she wants to incorporate a personal kind of highbrow twist to her final piece that only scholars of Shostakovich will appreciate. 

Have a play with the "Iconography,"game: Put into Google, the words of any of your favourite things followed by the word, "Iconography;" the name of a band, hero, scientist or any branch of science, artist, art form, religion, movies,book, composers, writers, Steampunk, innovation, engineering, nature, antiques, pop art, cartoons - anything at all.

Or alternatively just idly dream up something, chances are we can make it happen!

Come and see us and create a Transpersonal Classic to last for all time. 

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