Give A Gift Of Jewellery  For Mother's Day / Mothering Sunday from Body Matters Gold, Burgess Hill
Getting beyond the standard gifts for the Mother's Day  and giving them something beautiful, memorable and eternal whether on a pocket money budget or a big budget or anywhere between. 
Oh no, it's upon us again!  That day that comes on us all of a sudden.  "I didn't know it was Mother's Day again already! I'd better swerve across three lanes of traffic and pull into the service station and by some ropy flowers and something in a box that's analogous of chocolate.  But what about the card though? Darn, the Mother's day cards are all sold-out.  Ah here's a pretty plain one with some flowers on it, that'll do.  Who needs a a printed Mother's day text anyway, when I can write my own words?  Yeah, much more meaningful and poignant."

Mission accomplished, right?

Hmm, yeah, kinda!  Except when you get home, you grab a biro, rip the cellophane from the card, open it up to write that special message that you worked out in your head while you drove back, only to see for the first time the words that were already printed on the card, the words you somehow magically missed...

"We're sorry for your loss!"

"Noooo!" Oh well, never mind. cross out the print, write your own words, go round to Mum's, give her the 'service station horde,' and ask her, "what's for dinner?"

They're beautiful aren't they?  Mums, that is!  All that unconditional love, eternal forgiveness, nurture and wisdom! And you know what?  They even appreciate the Milk Tray and the the daffodils you grabbed out of a field.  Sometimes you don't have the time or the head-space to do much more than throw a card, flowers and chocolates at them, but when you do, it's always nice to do give them something less perishable! We don't have to conform to  generic token gifts. Instead you can give your Mum something that not only that she will treasure forever and will last forever, but something that will always be from you way after the flowers and the chocolates are long gone. 

It's nice to make a big deal of the family's central pillar on Mother's Day, or if you prefer, Mothering Sunday,  without whom everything falls down! She's the Nurse, the Shrink, Advisor, CEO, Worrier and Warrior as well as Protector!   If she's single, she probably doubles up as a good dad too when the occasion calls. Mums do all these things both because they have to and because they want to.

Mums aren't just for kids!  She's mother to the family, so the job of making Mother's Day a bit special does kind of fall to everyone, especially if her or your kids are only little. While they might bombard her with school-made cards and chocolate brownies, if you are her partner, there's nothing stopping you giving a little romantic something of your own that says you appreciate her too. If it's your mother, whose day you are going to make special, then you can always share that burden with other members of your family. Mothers have mothers too, of course  Basically, it's time for the whole family to celebrate their mums or 'Moms' for our American friends.  

So when it comes to Mum, feel free to collaborate with the rest of the family including the kids, whatever the age and whoever's mum we're wanting to appreciate and celebrate.  The tiniest most inexpensive, "pocket money budget," piece of jewellery here at Body Matters Gold, Burgess Hill, is still always going to have a virtual immortality when compared to a box of chocolate or a bunch of flowers. 

It's going to be forever!  

This is true whether it's a tiny nose stud, discreet or even flamboyant earrings, a necklace, bracelets, anklets, or any other piece of jewellery that may delight. However inexpensive or not, it doesn't come from a petrol station and it has beauty and permanency lovingly crafted into it.  Your budget really can be small or if you fancied something more, sure, you might want to splash out.  It's up to you how much you spend individually but there's no reason why a beautiful gift sourced at Body Matters Gold, Burgess Hill, can't be from all of you as a family. None whatsoever! Mum won't mind, she won't be disappointed with anything that into which a little love and consideration has gone.  After all, she is the Patron Saint of Love and Consideration!  Let's give her something that will forever reflect that in the sparkle of that something beautiful.

But hey, Mother's Day is upon us and we at Body Matters Gold, Burgess Hill have a range of beautiful jewellery that we know you will love. So do peruse us online or come and see us in person. And if you think that it's a little late to maybe get something bespoke or custom made, then bear in mind that you can always make a Mother's Day on another day you choose, a little way down the line.  Mums love random gifts any time of year!  


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