Custom Jewellery Making in Burgess Hill - Meet The Dream Makers!

Custom Jewellery Making in Burgess Hill - Meet The Dream Makers!

They make your dreams come true! That's their job! Body Matters Gold take your ideas and turn them into a REALITY!   When you walk into the Body Matters Gold Burgess Hill workshop, somehow,  conversation, coffee, precious metals and gems coalesce into something beautiful and original. Whether your idea is fully formed or just a vague notion, you can be sure it has its own purpose, and that purpose is to be realised - to become  physical form in the World outside your head!

So let's meet the men who make it happen:

Barnaby King:  Barney for short!  Barney's mind is, in itself,  a theme park dedicated to  Art - all Art!  He holds four Art A Levels, including; Fine Art, Ceramics, Textiles and Art History.  Add to that his Silversmithing and Metalwork  and you begin to see the breadth and depth of his knowledge as well as his finely honed manual skills, working first-hand with precious metals and gems.  It is for these reasons that Barney is literate in pretty much every style and and art-form that exists. 

So, if there is an image or a style in your mind that you don't quite know how to describe, Barney has an uncanny knack for locating its cultural source - if it even has one! But perhaps even more impressive, is Barney's ability to intuit the more abstract ideas that people have and want to bring to life. His ability to deduce what you mean is pretty spooky.  So don't worry how abstract the imagined piece in your head is or how tricky it is to describe, Barney will draw it out of you - your dream will take form! 

Time spent sculpting and gaining a proficiency in 3D animation software means that Barney truly thinks in 3D. In his mind's eye, he flies in and around the space of your imagined and intended piece of jewellery.  He understands the physics of possibility and the specification of the gems and metals intimately. Barney's empathy, intuition, imagination and technical skills makes him the ultimate messenger between Imagination and Reality. 

Connor Stephens:  Our next gem of Custom Jewellery Making in Burgess Hill is Connor.  Connor is a recent addition to Body Matters Gold, Burgess Hill, and is perhaps the most pop-culture literate on site.  He's a dapper young man with a love of clothes and a feel for trends in many arenas including film. In short, although quietly spoken and introverted, he is socially literate.  He is undoubtedly geeky-chic and draws upon and mutates pop culture iconography to create quite remarkable hybrids and desirable rarities which quickly find a home among his followers. 

Although Connor studied Jewellery Manufacturing at The British Academy of Jewellery, Hatton Garden, he has in fact, been making jewellery all his life. As a boy he was a rock & gem hound with jewellery making in mind. He spent some time as a gunsmith where he learned to lathe and engrave, as well as some other metalworking techniques.  During his time as a gunsmith, Connor learned as much as he could about metals and engineering.  There's an understated  Steampunk/Victorian Futurist aspect to his dress style and appropriately Connor is something of a maverick mad scientist.  When he's done working on commissions for Body Matters Gold, he goes home to his own bench and tools to experiment with materials, gems and form, looking for that next genre-busting classic. 

Connor is a perpetual  student of his art to the point of obsession.  He studied formally in college and has also enjoyed a more old-fashioned Master/Apprentice deal during his gunsmith days.  He now immerses himself in the culture of Body Matters Gold working on other people's ideas while studying the related crafts for his own intellectual gratification; continually adding to his repertoire of methods, styles and skills. Connor is all about combining old-fashioned craftsmanship with new styles.

Geoff Smith: was a mechanical engineer for decades - man and boy!  If Physics is another word for Magic and then Engineering is another word for Sorcery!  Geoff has worked with forces and materials his whole life, a large portion of which was spent in the macro and micro world of High Precision Aircraft Components. Basically, Geoff has worked in the realm of the very tiny, the kind of microscopic crucial  precision made machinery that keeps metal ships in the air. 

All that metal, material and energy bent and shaped into marvellous machines over the decades has prepared him well for his current career.  He wandered in one day and applied for the job of "Jeweller's Assistant." Pretty soon, all that engineering wizardry found a creative outlet in the form of Custom Jewellery Making in Burgess Hill. Suffice it to say, he's nobody's assistant anymore. When it comes to bespoke jewellery making, Geoff is perhaps stubbornly old-school. He's more about anvils than lasers and is a prolific basher, bender, grinder. melter and shaper of equally stubborn metals into beautiful forms for BMG's array of body jewellery - which, by the way, is fabulous, so do check it out.

Geoff loves his craft, and indeed he is Lovecraftian to look at, working with his magnified eyes at his flaming machinery. He crafts serenely yet with maniacal precision. He is gone from us in those moments and when he returns, the world is a little prettier for it.  

I have to say, Barney, Connor and Geoff inspire jealousy in me. They are passionate artists and accomplished technicians.They create the general vibe at the offices and workshop of Body Matters Gold.  But the vibe doesn't stop there. There's always a buzz from visiting experts, the occasional guest jeweller, and YOU!  Yes, you. If you are not taking advantage of our online portal, available wherever you are in the world,  and you live near or are passing near Burgess Hill, then you might want to come in and meet the makers of dreams. There's always coffee...or tea...if that's your thing.  Whether you are dreaming of  a humble wedding band, a glittering engagement ring, a piece of bespoke body jewellery, a commemorative totem or an otherworldly objet d'art, Body Matters Gold, Burgess Hill, is where you go, either online or in person to make real what is imagined.  


Rusty appears on South Australian Radio  in the Willunga Basin and Onkaparinga River regions  Tribe FM 91.1  or streaming via where he plays obscure yet accessible music, interviews frontier scientists and explores emerging  subcultures. 





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