Different Types of Body Piercing Rings

It can be hard to know which jewellery to go for when you choose your piercing jewellery. This blog will explore & explain the different types and styles of body piercing rings available to you.


A Ball Closure Ring/ Captive Bead Ring is ring usually made form titanium, niobium or steel. However they can be made from gold, platinum and other precious metals. They are kept secure using a tension set ball between the two ends of the ring.  The ball will have two dimples either side in which the two ends of the ring sits. 10pt Diamond and Gold BCR Set Advantages – The advantages of wearing a BCR/CBR in your piercing is that they are incredibly secure, in smaller sizes easy to pit in yourself and you have multiple options to accessorise the ball with. These can be placed in most piercings, more commonly used for top ear piercings and genital piercings. Disadvantages – In larger gauges they can be harder to fit and will require a professional to fit for you. Sizes 4mm + are usually available with a screw in ball as opposed to a clip in which makes fitting easier.


A D-Ring is a type of BCR that has a straight shaft instead of completely circular ring, much like a door knocker. They are not commonly used but are mainly used when someone wants to wear a ring in a piercing that requires a straight bar, such as a bridge piercing. They are also commonly used during corset piercing.

Advantages - They allow for a ring to be worn in piercings that need a straight bar. They are also a good alternative to BCR's for wear in nipples when sized correctly as they keep the ball centered as opposed to moving around with the ring. Disadvantages - They only really work in a few piercings and many people favour wearing a BCR.

Horseshoe Barbell

A horseshoe barbell works in the same way as which a standard straight barbell does but it comes in a more circular shape. It has two beads either end by which it is secured in, one ball may be fixed and the other free. With horseshoe barbell you can add a gemmed ball in between the two screw on beads to create a BCR with three balls as opposed to one which allows for customisation and extra security. Platinum and Diamond Horseshoe Barbell Advantages – Horseshoe barbells are easy to fit and come in various colours with a wide range of attachments and metals to choose from. Can be opened up slightly to make a more U shape which when used in septums can make them easier to flip up. Disadvantages – Adding the extra ball in between the two balls can make the ring heavier and unsuitable for initial piercing. The gap between the two balls can also allow for a partners jewellery to get caught in it.

Semi-Segment Ring

A semi segment ring is much like a smooth segment ring however it has the segment missing. It is held in place by a flat backing on one end of the ring to stop it from falling out/sliding through.  They are commonly used in healed nose piercings so that the ball from a BCR does not need to be tucked in to the nostril.

Semi-segment nose rings Gold & Platinum Advantages – They reduce the amount of metal in the nose and are easy to take in and out. They can also be altered to a more oval shape so they sit tighter to the nose. Disadvantages – They are not the most secure of rings and when they have a larger distance between the two ends they can slide around and fall out.

Smooth Segment Ring

A smooth segment ring has a small section that clips in and out of the ring to keep it in place. It allows the jewellery to move freely through the piercing without snagging. It is an alternative to sleeper type earrings which can have a cheese wire effect on piercing as they are too thing for wear in some piercings. It’s also a good alternative for people who do not like the look of BCR’s/CBR’s. Advantages – They are incredibly secure and very rarely fall out unless fitted incorrectly. They are also a good alternative as opposed to BCR’s or people who just want a plain ring. Disadvantages – They are very fiddly to get in and will require a pair of ring opening pliers. In larger gauges they come in a style where the two halves screw together with a regular head screw.

Continuous Ring

A continuous ring is relatively similar to a smooth segment ring, however instead of having a segment that clips in and out it bends apart to create a small opening to go through the piercing and then bends back to secure it. These can come in various shapes with the most common ones being a standard circle and a heart which seems to be a popular choice recently. Advantages – Easy to put in and out and is a simple alternative to a smooth segment ring. It also requires no tools to insert. Disadvantages – It can become misshapen when bent too much or taken in and out regularly. If made from poor quality materials they can break easily which can cause damage to piercings. At Body Matters Gold we also make a range of unique Ball Closure Rings involving natural pearls as well as our 'Crown of Diamonds' Closure Rings. These are fantastic for people looking to make a statement with their body jewellery. If you are interested in having a custom piece made or would like to know more about our products send us an email at all@bodymattersgold.com.

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