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Piercing Trends

This document is based upon the findings and data collected from customers of the real piercing studio based in Burgess Hill, United Kingdom.

Nose Piercings up by 23%

Nose piercing has seen the biggest increase - up by 23% in 2012 (Male 3% Female 96% Unknown 1%). Nose jewellery (studs and rings) are the biggest sellers here - This may be down to our specialist handmade nose studs made with real diamonds and gemstones.

They are handcrafted to order - to get the perfect fit. And can be used for the initial piercing. Tragus piercings are still the most popular, closely followed by navel (belly button) and nose piercings. We have seen the biggest decline in both male and female genital piercing - 11% down since 2011. One interesting thing we have noticed is the increasing popularity of 'multiple' piercing.

The double/triple conch or helix piercings are the most popular. Skin divers and dermal anchors have seen a 14% increase, and although our data does not show this we have noticed an increase in the amount of these that are done at the same time. Piercing in general has also increased, it's 11% up on the previous year.

Custom Made Ear Plugs On The Up

It seems that body piercing and body art is getting more popular and more widely accepted as part of modern day culture. There are reports stating that 16% of all American adults now have tattoos. Body art used to be a bit of a taboo subject (especially with potential employers), but has definitely become much more mainstream over the last decade. We have seen a big increase in the sales of ear plugs, tunnels and flares. Especially the handmade bespoke pieces - some people spend several hundreds of pounds on custom made ear plugs with diamonds and precious gemstones. See some of our custom made pieces here.

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