Custom Made Belly Bar

[caption id="attachment_320" align="alignright" width="300"]Handmade Sun Belly Bar Bespoke Belly Bar made by BMG Ltd
14ct White Gold with Garnet & Amber[/caption] Having your navel pierced is a very popular statement these days, and has been for many years. You can get a huge variety of ‘bulk standard’ belly bars off the shelf from many places – high street shops, online, piercing studios and even some jewellers. Here at BMG we specialise in creating handmade body jewellery of the finest quality, made with precious metals and set with real Diamonds and Gemstones. We offer a fantastic range on our website, which have been thoughtfully designed and created in collaboration between our professional piercers and talented in-house goldsmiths. The great thing about having this combined knowledge (of both our piercers and goldsmiths) is that we know what works aesthetically and anatomically – it will look great, sit right and it is going to be comfortable to wear. Sun Belly Bar Custom Made By BMG Ltd Some people may find that they have experienced an intolerance to gold jewellery – this is usually to do with the nickel content present in some golds. All of our Gold and Palladium is nickel-free so should be absolutely fine for your piercing jewellery. There is also the choice of Platinum – The most elite of all metals, it is inert and hypoallergenic. We can highly recommend Platinum to everyone. My favourite job is to work on designs for bespoke jewellery. We often get custom made inquiries for belly bars. Our customers sometimes have a clear idea of what they want regarding style and some just know what metals and precious stones they want used. Sometimes we even use the customers own diamonds and gemstones from jewellery that they no longer wear. One that sticks in my head was the recent Sun Belly Bar. It was gorgeous. One of our customers contacted us in regards to the bespoke piece and she had quite a clear idea of what she wanted. She liked the idea of a sun (based on a previous design of ours), she wanted yellow and red gems (we went for Amber & Garnet) and it needed to be a little larger than usual. I worked on a few quick designs to fit the brief, and then teamed up with one of our goldsmiths to discuss the designs and what would work well for this particular lady. Between us all we developed the ideas until everyone was happy. Once the final design was agreed upon we sourced the correct gemstones for the piece, created templates for the parts that required them and got to work on it. The outcome was stunning. The belly bar was totally unique and it really worked well. It was later decided that it should have a matching gemstone set in the top ball, so we made these alterations to it. It’s such a lovely thing to see a piece of jewellery progress from a tiny initial thought – all the way through to the final piece. White Gold Sun Belly BarI’m happy to say that our customer was delighted with her hand-crafted sun navel bar. Why not take a look at some of BMG’s finest Custom Belly Bars in our gallery here.

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