Ball Closure, Captive Bead Rings, Circular Barbells & Screw-In Ball Rings

Here at BMG we take pride in making the finest quality custom made piercing rings in 14ct Yellow Gold, Palladium, 14ct White Gold and Platinum - all nickel free. The use of a BCR (also known as CBR) is very versatile as they can be worn in almost any body piercing. For initial piercing the Gauges (ring thickness) varies a bit. Normally a 1.2mm 16 gauge or 1.6mm 14 gauge are used but with some genital piercings and the odd ear lobe we will use 2.4mm/10 gauge.

These two CBB (circular barbells) where handmade for a UK customer, using 14ct yellow gold set with diamonds. The 2 gauge 6mm x 20mm rings have 12mm balls one fixed and one internally threaded both have a one carat diamond certified stone VS1 G colour the white gold one has an additional three 10 point diamonds. These are for a prince albert piercing. The white gold ring retails at approx. £4500 UK pounds (approx. $7000 USA dollars), and the yellow gold ring £4000 UK pounds ($6400 USA dollars). Leave it to your judgement to see if you think this is a worthy addition to a penis.

Above: This one above is a 2.4mm 10 gauge 18ct gold ring 12mm set with an Emerald with the un-usual addition of 2 green diamonds rub over set into the actual ring itself and is used for a basic stretched belly piercing.

Above: This one is a made from silver and just sits over the head of the penis so it does not go through any piercing. The stones are smooth back to back set Cabochon amethyst and tiger’s eye.


This is called and stopper ring and is made with a ring of 14ct gold around the ring so when it is worn in a belly piercing the ring does not slide down and the dangle star can hang at the perfect angle all the time. Above:  Set with a 38pt diamond and 2 small diamonds in the ring with stopper for the belly piercing. 

Above 14ct white gold BCR with flower clip in set with emeralds and a diamond.

These captive bead rings are made from 950 Platinum and set with 24pt diamonds made for an USA customer for his and hers nipple piercings. One for him and two for his lady.

All sorts of thing can be done and for full details of these custom made ball closure rings BCR’s please vist the BMG Jewellery Custom Made Galleries.

Its really nice work for us to do. A custom made ring like these always looks the part and makes the customer feel very proud.  Your piercing is precious so why not adorn it with precious gemstones and precoius metal. Most of this type of work is done by our Banaby King (production director) and chief goldsmith or Geoff Smith Goldsmith setter.  All of these pieces are hallmarked at Goldsmiths London Assay Office and come with a 3 year guarantee.

For enquires about any custom made Body Piercing Ring please just email Richard on